The Adelphies (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Dennis Armstead

    Carl Baldwin

    Chris Baskerville

    Tyrone Benjamin

    Jimmy Price

    Discography :

    1958 - Darling, It's You / Kathleen (RIM 2020/2021)

    1958 - Kiss-A-Kiss / The Sun Will Shine Again (RIM 2022)


    Biography :

    The Adelphies are from Brooklyn, New York. In 1958 they cut two singles in 1958 for Rim Record. "Darling, It's You / Kathleen" is the first single for this Brooklyn label.  The Edge label was owned by Rim records.


    Rim is a  very small indie label operating from the same address for decades. Label owner Bob McGhee was initially based at 226 West 53rd Street, NYC in 1958 but in that same year Rim Records and Rim Music Corp. were listed at 1293 Dean Street, Brooklyn and were still at that address as late as 1976.

    Songs :

               Kathleen                            The Sun Will Shine Again

    Kiss-A-Kiss                              Darling, It's You



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