• The Poets (2)

    The Poets (2) (Los Angeles, CA)


    Personnel :

    Roy Ayers

    Frederick Nance

    Sherman Clark

    James Bedford

    Robert Griffith


    Discography :

    1958 - Dead / Vowels of Love (Flash 129 / Pull 305)


    Biography :

    The Poets formed at Jefferson High - It seems that every class in school had a building doo top group - and consisted of Roy Ayers, Frederick Nance, Sherman Clark, James Bedford and Robert Griffith. They rehearsed at the back of the shop on Vernon, under the guidance of young "Danny Flash", whose teeth were being cut in record production.

    The Poets (2)    The Poets (2)

    Their only record "Dead", a horror novelty, was out in February (Flash 129), bur Cash Box (March 17) tough its flip "Vowels of Love" the more commercial side. Flash was at 623 East Vernon Avenue throughout its active existence from 1955 to 1959. "Dead" got some local recognition for the boys from Jefferson High. Bedford later join the Cubans and Ayers became a successful jazz vibraphonist.


    Songs :

    Vowels of Love                                          Dead       


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