• Lavern Baker & The Gliders  (New York City, NY)
    aka The Cues

    Personnel :

    Lavern Baker (Lead)

    Ollie Jones

    Jimmy Breedlove

    Abel De Costa

    Robie Kirk

    Edward Barnes

    Discography :

    1954 - Tweedlee Dee / Tomorrow Night (Atlantic 1047)
    1955 - Bop-Ting-A-Ling / That's All I Need (Atlantic 1057)
    1955 - Play It Fair / Lucky Old Sun (Atlantic 1075)
    1956 - Get Up Get Up / My Happiness Forever (Atlantic 1087)
    1956 - Fee Fee Fi Fo Fum / I'll Do The Same For You (Atlantic 1093)
    1956 - Jim Dandy / Tra La La (Atlantic 1116)

    Biography :

    Lavern's second record, 1954's "I Can't Hold Out Any Longer," went nowhere. Then there was the third: in October 1954, the inimitable "Tweedle Dee" was issued.


    Now here was a record that could hit the charts. And hit them it did, rising to #4 on the R&B charts and #14 on the more prestigious Pop charts.


    Background to "Tweedle Dee," and most of her other hits, was provided by the "Gliders," who were, in reality, Atlantic's ubiquitous backup group, the Cues.

    Songs :

    Tweedlee Dee                            Play It Fair

    Lucky Old Sun                          Jim Dandy

    CDs :

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