• The Franciscans 

    The Franciscans (San Francisco, CA.)


    Personnel :

    Benny Stevens Jr (Lead)

    Leroy Johnson

    J. C. Loggins

    Theodis Riley

    Larry Thornton


    Discography :

    Single :
    1963 - Mother Please Answer Me / Walk To The Bottom Of The Sea (Jimbo 01/02)
    Unreleased :
    1963 - Ocean Of Love (Music City)


    Biography :

    The Franciscans started about 1959 in San Francisco and were composed of Benny Stevens Jr, Leroy Johnson, J. C. Loggins, Theodis Riley and Larry Thornton. It is at the end of 62 / beginning 63 that they recorded "Mother Please Answer Me" b/w "Walk To The Bottom Of The Sea" released by Jimbo record. They were together until about 1963 when the group started to fall apart. This occurred shortly after they returned from Los Angeles.  They would go to Los Angeles occasionally to do some recording.  They got a new manager and that is when things began to fall apart. The manager approached Bennie Stevens who they call Steve about leaving the group and going solo.  He turned the offer down because those were his friends.  This was a hard decision for him because he really wanted to sing.  The manager decided that since Bennie Stevens  would not leave the group he would invest in another singer : the manager’s girlfriend.  He took off with their money and dropped them.

    Songs :

         Mother Please Answer Me             Walk To The Bottom Of The Sea

    Ocean Of Love


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