• The Medallionaires (Chicago)

    Personnel :

    Willie Wright (aka Willie Dial) (Lead)

    Ernest Montgomery (Tenor)

    David Anderson (Baritone)

    Ronald Anderson (Bass)

    Discography :

    1958 - Magic Moonlight / Teen-Age Caravan (Mercury 71309)
    1958 - Darling Don't (Unreleased)

    Biography :

    In 1958, after the Serenades & the VonGayles,  Willie Wright formed another group from the Cabrini-Green neighborhood called The Medallionaires, consisting of Wright as lead, Tenor Ernest Montgomery, and two brothers,  Baritone David Anderson and Bass Ronald Anderson.
    In May 1958 the medallionaires came out with a single that featured two Wright originals, "Magic Moonlight" backed with "Teen-age Caravan".

    The Ballad side was "Magic Moonlight", which opens with a "bell-tone" séparation of the harmony and has exaggerated melodramatic lead and full vocal group support of the period, with burbling bass and such. The record is highly appealing.
    The jump flip, on the other band, is uninteresting and sound like a folksong, even though it deals with the subject of rock'n'roll.

    This folkk aspect will surface again in association with Wright.
    Today's collectors of vocal group records may find it hard to believe, but it was " Teen-Age Caravan" that got played on local R1B radio  but enough to make a hit.

    Their Songs :

    Magic Moonlight                         Teen-Age Caravan

    Darling Don't (Unreleased)


    Books & CD :



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