• The Blenders (2)
    James “Zeke“ Brown

    The Blenders (2) (Chicago)

    Personnel :

    James “Zeke“ Brown (Lead)

    Curtis Campbell

    Parnell Shaw

    Donald Taylor


    Discography :

    The Blenders (2)
    1958 - Two Loves / Soda Shop (Aladdin 3449)

    Debbie Stevens bb The Blenders (2)
    1958 - What Will I Tell My Heart / If You Can’t Rock Me (Not Them) (APT 25027)


    Biography :

    Curtis Campbell, Parnell Shaw, Donald Taylor and Willie Jones on Lead formed a singing group called the Blenders when they were in 7th or 8th grade. At that time, the Blenders were singing songs like the Dells’ “Why Did You Have to Go,” and “Oh What A Night,” the Danderleers’ “Chop Chop Boom,” the El Dorados’ “At My Front Door,” “There In The Night” and “A Rose For My Darling,” the Spaniels’ “Peace Of Mind,” the Robins’ “Smokey Joe’s Café” as well as tunes by the Moroccos. The Blenders had been together for two or three years when troubles within the group started to surface. Willie Jones was a guy who was always in trouble and just kind of self-destructed. James “Zeke“ Brown, a member of the Calvaes who cut two records for Cobra in 1956 & 57 replaced Willie Jones on Lead.

    The Blenders (2)     The Blenders (2)
                                                                                                                Donald Taylor

    The Blenders put together two songs to record, “Two Loves” and “Soda Shop.” They recorded the two songs at Univeral Studios, down on East Walton Street. Zeke Brown sang lead on “Two Loves” and Donald Taylor led on “Soda Shop.” The record was released on the Aladdin label out of California. The Blenders association with Jim Lounsbury led to their second recording. Lounsbury was married to singer Reba Jeanette Smith who’d previously recorded as Penny Smith and was now using the stage name Debbie Stevens. In December 1958, Stevens was scheduled to record for the ABC- Paramount subsidiary, APT. The blenders backed Debbie Stevens on “What Will I Tell My Heart“. Uncredited on the Debbie Stevens record and not invited to sing with Buddy Holly and Richie Valens, the Blenders broke up sometime later.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Blenders (2)

    Two Loves                                Soda Shop

    Debbie Stevens bb The Blenders (2) 

    What Will I Tell My Heart


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