The Royalettes (Baltimore, Maryland)
    (By Hans-Joachim)


    Sheila Ross

    Anita Ross

    Veronica Brown

    Terry Jones




    1962 - No Big Thing / Yesterday's Lovers (Chancellor 1133)
    1963 - Blue Summer / Willie The Wolf (Chancellor 1140)
    1964 - Come To Me / There He Goes (Warner Bros. 5439)
    1964 - He's Gone / Don't You Cry (MGM 13283)
    1965 - Watch What Happens / Poor Boy (MGM 13327)
    1965 - It's Gonna Take A Miracle / Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (MGM 13366)
    1965 - I Want To Meet Him / Never Again (MGM 13405)
    1965 - Only When You’re Lonely / You Bring Me Down (MGM 13451)
    1966 - It's Better Not To Know / It's A Big Mistake (MGM 13507)
    1966 - I Don't Want To Be The One / An Affair To Remember (Our Love Affair) (MGM 13544)
    1966 - When Summer's Gone / Love Without An End (MGM 13598)
    1966 - (He Is) My Man / Take My Love (MGM 13627)
    1967 - River Of Tears / Something Wonderful (Roulette 4768)



    1965 - It's Gonna Take A Miracle (MGM LP 4332)
    It's Gonna Take A Miracle / Poor Boy / Watch What Happens / You Bring Me Down /
    Yes, I'm Ready / Don't You Cry / I Want To Meet Him / Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind /
    How Can You Face Me / Only When You're Lonely / He's Gone / Never Again.


    1966 - The Elegant Sound Of The Royalettes (MGM LP 4366)
    Baby Are You Putting Me On / Love Without An End / Gettin' Through To Me /
    It's A Big Mistake / Don't Throw Me Away / Lonely Girl / I Don't Want To Be The One /
    Shangri-La / It's Better Not To Know / Think Before You Act /
    Let Me Know When It's Over / Forever More / The Rest Of My Life /
    Can't Stop Running Away / An Affair To Remember (Our Love Affair).





    This Baltimore quartet was something of a link between the girl group and "sweet soul" styles. Their harmonies were clearly grounded in the early-'60s girl group approach. But they also benefited from pop-oriented, occasionally grandiose production at the MGM label, where they recorded their most successful work.

    If they sometimes sounded like a female version of Little Anthony & the Imperials' later recordings, it's no coincidence. Little Anthony's producer, Teddy Randazzo, also handled the Royalettes, and wrote much of their MGM material.

    On a Bandstand Show

    The Royalettes made some obscure singles for Chancellor and Warner Bros. before being signed to MGM in 1964. Their third single, the lush "It's Gonna Take A Miracle," was by far their most successful outing, stopping just shy of the Top 40.

    The Royalettes

    It was destined to be more identified, however, with singer/songwriter Laura Nyro, who made it the title track of her 1971 album of soul covers. In 1982, Deniece Williams took the song into the Top Ten with her own rendition.


    The Royalettes did have another small hit in 1965 with "I Want to Meet Him," but never dented the charts again, although MGM spared no expense on their elaborate productions for the group's singles.

    A final MGM single, produced by Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers, also failed to get anywhere, and the group broke up by the end of the 1960s, after a final 45 for Roulette.
    Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide



    It’s Gonna Be A Miracle

    Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

    Songs :

    Willie The Wolf                                He’s Gone

    The Rest Of My Life                        It’s No Big Thing

    Yesterday’s Lover                           Blue Summer

    more songs : KROBIGRAUBART





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