• The Tri-Lites (Sacramento, CA)
    aka The West Winds
    Richard (Doowoper51) 


    Personnel :

    Mona Donato

    Bonnie Donato

    Ron Andre


    Discography :

    The Tri-Lites
    1964 - Will Tomorrow Be Just Another Day / Hot Dog, Here He Comes  (Enith 721)
    1964 - Your Lookin' at My Guy / Owee Owee (Enith 1266)

    The West Winds
    1964 - You Know I'll Miss You / What A Kiss That Was (Enith 1269)
    1964 - Your Lookin' at My Guy / Owee Owee (Kapp 588)

    The Looking Glass
    1966 - Silver And Sunshine / If I Never Love Again (Valiant 750)
    1967 - Lonely Stranger / Love Is Not Everything (WB 7050)


    Biography :

    They're sisters Mona and Bonnie Donato, and Ron Andre, from Sacramento (Ron and Bonnie were married in 1969 and are now married 41 years!). Nancy (daughter of Ron & Bonnie) other aunt, Linda Donato, later replaced Mona when Mona started her own family.


    Initially the Tri- Lites with Enith International ("Tomorrow" & "Hot Dog, Here He Comes" & "Your Lookin' at My Guy" & "Owee Owee.") Later sold to KAPP and they changed our name to The West Winds.
and again released "Your Lookin' at My Guy" & "Owee Owee."
Signed with Valiant Records produced by Barry Devorzon released "Silver & Sunshine" (written by the Adrissi Brothers who also wrote classic Never My Love) and "Love is not Everything."

    Valiant sold out to Warner Brothers and they kept The Association and The Looking Glass (not Brandy Looking Glass) released "Lonely Stranger" & "If I never Love Again." [I think it's Linda Donato now on harmonies for these tracks]
Performed with Sonny & Cher, Kinks, Jackie Wilson, Brenda Lee, The Browns, Ray Peterson, and Barbara McNair, among others.
    Richard (Doowoper51) 


    Songs :

    Will Tomorrow Be Just Another Day      Your Lookin' at My Guy

    Hot Dog, Here He Comes         You Know I'll Miss You (The West Winds)

    What A Kiss That Was (The West Winds)    Love Is Not Everything (The Looking Glass)



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