• The El Tones (1) (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Eltones


    Personnel :

    Stuart Elliot (Lead)

    Allan Schein

    Paul Schrager

    Harvey Hertz 


    Discography :

    The Eltones
    1958 - Do It By Moonlight
    1958 - Honest I Do

    The El Tones (1)
    1958 - Like Mattie / Lovin' With A Beat (Cub 9011)


    Biography :

    The Eltones were formed on the corner of Elton Street and Dumont Avenue in Brooklyn in 1957. "Lovin' With A Beat" The lead in this song was Stuart, Stuart was also lead in "Like Matti", singing those high notes. This song was written by Sylvester Bradford for Gene Vincent as a Rockabilly song. Gene never used it so the Eltones recorded it.

    "Do It By Moonlight" was actually recorded as a demo in 1957 with " Honest I Do". Left in a demo studio for many years. Purchased for fifteen dollars shortly before it was to be destroyed. The studio was going to destroy the remaining copies but group member Paul bought it. Paul Schrager is the one pictured singing lead, think that's Harvey playing the piano in the background. Also "Moonlight" was the only song Paul sang as the lead. 

    Songs :

      Honest I Do                           Do It By Moonlight

     Lovin' With A Beat                      Like Mattie        


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