The Intentions (2) (Philadelphia, PA)



    Personnel :

    Eddie Sachetti (Lead)

    Al Diprieto

    Tony Avicol

    Charlie Votta



    Discography :

    1964 - I'm In Love With A Go Go Girl / Wonderful Girl (Melron 5014)

    Biography :

    Group from Philadelphia constituted by Eddie Sachetti, Al Diprieto, Tony Avicol and Charlie Votta.


    The group added  two members (Chip Kopaczewski and Tony Galantino)  of the Broken group, Chip & The Quartertones, and have a release on Melron 5014 : " I'm in love with a Go go girl" / "Wonderful girl ".

    Songs :

    Wonderful Girl                         I'm In Love With A Go Go Girl




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