• The Royal Jesters (San Antonio,Texas)
    (The early Years)

    Personnel :

    Mike Pedraza (Lead)

    Oscar Lawson

    Henry Hernandez

    Louis Escalante

    Discography :

    1961 - Ask me to move a mountain / Is that good enough for you (Cobra 611025)
    1962 - Love me / Let's kiss and make up (Cobra 2222)
    1963 - I want to be loved / I never will forget (Cobra 7777)
    1963 - My angel of love / Those dreamy eyes (Harlem 105)

    Biography :

    The story of this legendary group began in 1956 when Oscar Lesley Lawson and Mike Pedraza, both Sidney Lanier High School students formed The Young Ones with Enrique “Henry” Hernández Jr.

    In fact, Hernández dropped out of The Five Angels, a group composed of Our Lady of Guadalupe High School buddies to join The Young Ones.
    In the beginning, the Reno Bops and other bands would back up the vocal quintet made up of Hernández, Lawson, Pedraza, Bobby Cantú and Charlie Walker.

    By 1959, Louie Escalante, who also played guitar; and Tony Arci had replaced Cantú and Walker. In addition, Hernández played trumpet and Lawson learned to play trombone.
    From this point on, the list of vocalists with the Royal Jesters reads like the Bible’s Book of “Numbers.”


    Dimas Garza replaced Pedraza in early 1962. When Lawson quit singing to become the group’s full-time manager, he was replaced by José “Joe Jama” Perales, who also played bass.
    During the 60s, their hits included “My Angel of Love,” “Your Dreamy Eyes” “Ask Me to Move a Mountain” and “Is That Good Enough for You” on the Harlem and Cobra record labels.

    After they started their own labels, Jester and Clown Records, to record their own music.


    Songs :

    Ask me to move a mountain               Is that good enough for you

    Love Me                                              Let's kiss and make up

    I want to be loved                                 I will never forget

    My angel of love                                   Those dreamy eyes

    CDs :

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