• The Tren-Dells aka The Trend-Els

    The Tren-Dells  (Louisville, Kentucky)
    aka The Trend-Els


    Personnel :

    Johnny Hourigan (Lead)

    Joe Bergman (Tenor)

    William Summitt (Baritone)

    Bill Mathley (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Trend-Els
    1961 - I'm So Young / Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby (Tilt 779)

    The Tren-Dells
    1962 - I Miss You So / Moments Like This (Tilt 788)
    1962 - Tough Litthe Buggy / Hey Da-Da-Dow (Jam 111)
    1962 - Nite Owl / Hully Gully Jones (Capitol 4852/Jam 1100)
    1963 - Ain't That Funny / Mr. Doughnut Man (Sound 7 Stage 2508)
    1964 - I'll Be There / Everyday (Southtown 22001)
    1965 - Sha-La-Lah-La / Sweets For My Sweet (Boss 9916)
    1967 - Love / It's So Right (Boss 9919)
    1967 - That's My Desire / Let's go Steady For The Summer (Boss 9921)

    Unreleased :
    1962 - Hey Little Sheila (Tilt)
    1962 - I Love You (Tilt)
    1962 - Look at Me (Tilt)

    1983 ?- Drive-In Dreamin' (Bridges 2705)
    Rock & Roll will stand / Cherie Pie / Tonight / You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin / Under The Boardwalk / Shout / Let The Good Time Roll / Tears On My Pillow / Blue Moon / Ooh, Baby Baby / Chain Gang / For Your Precious Love


    Biography :

    Members of the Tren-Dells are Johnny Hourigan, Lead Vocal; Joe Bergman, Tenor; Bill Summitt, Baritone, replaced by Jim Settle ;61, replaced by Charlie Schuck ;65; Bill Mathley, Bass. They began their careers calling themselves the Four Frantics. They traveled and performed regularly with the Carnations and Paul Penny.

    The Tren-Dells aka The Trend-Els
    1962, The Tren-Dells : Johnny Hourigan, Joe Bergman, Jim Settle, Bill Mathley

    Their first release, “Don’t You Hear Me Calling Baby” went to number 2 on WKLO. The flip side of this single, “I’m So Young”, featured Paul Penny. The Tren-Dells had the most charted local singles during the fifties and sixties.  They had seven songs on the charts during that time. In September, 1962, the Tren-Dells released their biggest success, “Nite Owl”, which went to number 3 on WKLO and number 2 on WAKY.

    The Tren-Dells aka The Trend-Els
    1959, The Tren-Dells, the Carnations & Paul Penny

    When it became a regional hit on the Jam label, it was released nationally on Capitol. While the Tren-Dells were under contract with Capitol, part of the group along with several other local artists were used in a studio group for one release, “I’m Not Going To Work Today”.  

    The Tren-Dells aka The Trend-Els

    In the mid-sixties, the Tren-Dells recorded, “It’s So Right”, a song written by a young unknown studio artist they were working with at the time. This young man was Charlie Daniels. The Tren-Dells were together from 1960 to 1972. After the group had disbanded, Johnny Hourigan spent two or three years as a studio singer, performing on many recording sessions at Allen-Martin Studios.

    1965, The Tren-Dells : Charlie Schuck, Joe Bergman, Bill Mathley

    Johnny joined the Sultans around 1975. Jim Settle had gone onto become a part of Soul, Inc. and Elysian Field. In 1983, there is a group performing in and around the Lexington, Kentucky area called the Tren-Dells. The only original member with this group is Charlie Schuck .

    Songs :

    Moments Like This                I Miss You So                   I'm So Young

    Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby       Hey Da-Da-Dow          Tough Litthe Buggy

    Hully Gully Jones                   Nite Owl                     Ain't That Funny

    Mr. Doughnut Man                  I'll Be There                That's My Desire

    Let's Go Steady For The Summer


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