• Bill Pinky & The Turks (2)
    Bill Pinkney

    Bill Pinky & The Turks (2) (Memphis)


    Personnel :

    Bill Pinkney (Lead)

    Willie Peppers

    Gerald Hendrix

    Tom Abston

    James Curry


    Discography :

    1958 - After The Hop / Sally's Got A Sister (Phillips 3524)
    Unreleased :
    1958 - High School Rock (Phillips)


    Biography :

    Originally from South Carolina, Pinkney was singing alongside Brook Benton in the Jerusalem Stars when Clyde McPhatter drafted him into the Drifters in 1953. After McPhatter left, Pinkney sang lead on a few songs, including ''Steamboat'' before the Drifters' manager (and owner), George Treadwell, fired him in 1957. He did a tour with Bill Justis and Roland Janes, which probably accounts for this one-off single. In all likelihood, it was recorded shortly before Pinkney put together a group called the Flyers with Bobby Hendricks that made one record for Atco.

    Bill Pinky & The Turks (2)

    Pinkney meanwhile was still recording occasionally with the Drifters until Treadwell fired the lot in 1958.  Bill Pinkney had cut the single with a studio group called the Turks  "After the Hop" b/w "Sally's Got A Sister" in Memphis in 1958 on Sam Phillips Phillips International label as Bill Pinky & The Turks. The group consisting of Willie Peppers, Gerald Hendrix, Tom Abston and James Curry.


    Songs :

     After The Hop                                 Sally's Got A Sister

    High School Rock


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