• The Vespers
    Jack Mc Knight, Jimmy Mullen, Tony Barbella & Buzzy Shearin

    The Vespers (Philadelphia)
    Ref : The Four Epics


    Personnel :

    Jack Mc Knight (First Tenor)

    Jimmy Mullen  (Baritone)

    Tony Barbella

    Buzzy Shearin


    Discography :

    1963 - Mr Cupid / Walk With My Angel (Swan 4156)


    Biography :

    Originally a Trio, who formed in 1959 in South Philadelphia, USA, known as The Bancrofts (took their name from Bancroft Street) and originally consisted of Jack McKnight (1st Tenor), Mickey Neil (2nd Tenor) and Jimmy Mullen (Baritone). In early 1961 they added Bobby Riccobene (Bass).
    In 1962 they recorded as The Four Epics.

    The Vespers
    Buzzy Shearin , Jack Mc Knight, Tony Barbella and Jimmy Mullen.

    In 1963, After two singles for Laurie records, Mickey Neil and the new Richie Lalli leaving the Four Epics. Jack and Jimmy would go on to form a new group with Tony Barbella (1st Tenor), and Buzzy Shearin (2nd Tenor).  Now known as The Vespers, a proficient, albeit short-lived ensemble. They had only one release  in '63 on Swan Records "Mr Cupid" b/w "Walk With My Angel"  It was a modest hit, however no others would follow and the group soon disbanded.

    Songs :

        Mr Cupid                                    Walk With My Angel


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