•     Ronald Barrett, Don Julian, Earl Jones & Percy Mayfiedld

    Percy Mayfield & The Maytones () (Los Angeles)
    aka The Meadowlarks


    Personnel :

    Percy Mayfield (Lead)

    Don Julian (Tenor)

    Ronald Barrett (Tenor)

    Earl Jones (Baritone)



    1954 - My Heart Is Cryin' / You Were Lyin' To Me (Speciality 537)
    1955 - Baby You're Rich / The Voice Within (no group) (Speciality 544)


    Biography :

    Three of the Meadowlarks (Don Julian, Ronald Barrett, and Earl Jones) somehow got to do some recording for Specialty Records, where (on October 18, 1954) they backed up Percy Mayfield on three tunes: "My Heart Is Cryin'," "You Were Lyin' To Me," and "Baby You're Rich." On the records, the group was credited as the "Maytones."  The first two of these were released in November 1954 and reviewed (both "good" on December 18). Other reviews that week went to the Charms' "Ling, Ting, Tong," the Counts' "Let Me Go, Lover," the Rivileers' "For Sentimental Reasons," the Chordcats' "A Girl To Love," the 5 Scamps' "With All My Heart," and the Jewels' "Living From Day To Day."

    Don Julian,  Ronald Barrett,  Earl Jones                                                            Percy Mayfield 

    "Baby You're Rich," backed with the Percy Mayfield solo, "The Voice Within," was issued in January 1955 and reviewed on March 12, along with Gene & Eunice's "This Is My Story," the Dodgers' "Drip Drop," the Moonlighters' "New Gal," the 5 Royales' "Mohawk Squaw," the Dukes' "Oh Kay," and the Gentlemen's "Baby Don't Go."


    Songs :

    My Heart Is Cryin'                   You Were Lyin' To Me


    Baby You're Rich



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