• Ronnie Howard, Tommy Burton, Ron Buonaro and Sammy Basile 

    The Parlaments  (Chicago)
    aka The Deltones (1) aka The Del Tones (3)

     Personnel :

    Sammy Basile (Lead)

    Ron Buonaro (First Tenor)

    Ronnie Howard (Baritone)

    Tommy Burton (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Deltones (1)

    Singles :
    1958 - Jerry / Rockin' Cha Cha (with Debbie Stevens) (Roulette 4081)
    1958 - Early Morning Rock / I'm 'Coming Home (Vee Jay 288)
    1959 - A Lover's Prayer / First Man To The Moon (Vee Jay 303)
    Unreleased :
    1958 - Baby I Need You (Vee Jay)
    1960 - Good Luck Charms (USA Records)

    The Del Tones (3)
    Singles :
     1960 - And The Angels Sang / Please Talk to Me (USA Records 711)
    Unreleased :
    1960 - Good Luck Charms (USA Records)

    The Parlaments
    1961 - My Only Love / To Be Alone (USA Records 719)

    Biography :

     At 12, Sammy Basile and his close friend Tommy Burton would harmonize to the sounds and vocals of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers and other groups whose records were on the candy store juke box. They grew up on the west of Chicago, now called K-Town, since all the streets in their neighborhood start with a  "K," i.e. Kilborne, Karlov, Keeler, etc. They attended Marshall high school, located on the corners of 5th Ave, and Adams & Kedzie streets.

    Debbie Stevens                                                                            

    During their freshmen year (1956) they met Ronnie Howard. Early in 1958, and Ronnie introduced the group to a Ron Buonaro, and the Deltones was formed. Like all other vocal groups, they used to practice harmonizing in the school halls and bathrooms. On Roulette, they backing Debbie Stevens (Debbie Dean) on their own composition : " Jerry" b/w "Rockin' Cha Cha". They recorded "Early Morning Rock" at the Chess Studios on south Michigan Ave. The flip side was a slow song that the unforgettable voice of Ronnie Howard sang, titled "I'm Coming Home,".

    Ronnie Howard, Sammy Basile, Tommy Burton and Ron Buonaro

    Jim Lounsberry took the songs to Ewart Abner and Calvin Carter. They liked the songs and signed the group to Vee-Jay Records.Within a few weeks the song had seen some success. Their next recording with VeeJay was in early 1959, "A Lover's Prayer" The session was at Universal Recording Studio in Chicago. Ron Bounoro sang the lead on this one. The flip-side, "First Man to the Moon" was selected by Calvin Carter. In 1960 They moved to USA Records. Recordings there included: Please Talk To Me, Good Luck Charms, and remakes of The Angels Sang  and under the name of The Parlaments " My Only Love" b/w "To Be Alone" .

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Deltones (1) (with Debbie Stevens)

    Jerry / Rockin' Cha Cha

    The Deltones (1)

     Early Morning Rock                I'm 'Coming Home             A Lover's Prayer

    Baby I Need You                 First Man To The Moon


    The Del Tones (3)

    Good Luck Charms             And The Angels Sang              Please Talk To Me 

    The Parlaments

    My Only Love                       To Be Alone


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