• The Velvet Keys (Queens, New-York)


    Personnel :

    Phil Spina  (First Tenor)

    Tommy Malon (Lead singer)

    Stanley Wagner (Second Tenor)

    Vinny Pascale (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1957 - Lets Stay After School / My Baby's Gone Away (King 5090)

    1957 - The Truth About Youth  / Don't Take My Picture Take Me (King 5109)


    Biography :

    Velvet Keys originated out Springfield Gardens, Queens New York 1956 the members were Tommy Malon Lead Singer, Phil Spina 1st Tenor, Stanley Wagner 2nd Tenor and Vinny Pascale Baritone. We all attended Woodrow Wilson Vocational High School in Ozone Park Queens NY.

    We did most our singing on the street corner and in the basements of our houses. I think we were a bit better then the average white groups that were around at the time and on our 1st audition with King Records landed a contract to do 8 sides which we only did only 4 ,they consisted Of "My Baby's Gone" "Lets Stay After School" "Don't take my picture" and "The Truth about Youth" They were released 1957-1958.

    We received very little air play in the New York area and became upset with King Records and when they renewed our contract we broke up and didn't continue on as a unit. Phil Spina went on to write some songs and produce the Riffs along with Jim Tagliaferri & Dennis Lambert Sunny Records 1964 "Little Girl" "Telltale Friends"Why are the Nights so cold" and "Storm". In 1978  Fred Toscano & Phil Spina formed "Ribetones" "Crazy Little Momma" 1979 various labels Europe.
    Phil Spina.

    Songs :

    Lets Stay After School                     My Baby's Gone Away

    The Truth About Youth                   Don't Take My Picture Take Me



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