• The Shy Guys (1)
    Trinidad Chavez, Jim Slone and Gail Poch

    The Shy Guys (1) (Portale, NM)


    Personnel :

    Jim Slone (Lead)

    Gail Poch (Baritone)

    Trinidad Chavez( Bass)


    Discography :

    The Shy Guys (1)
    Single :
    1958 - The Girl With The Flaxen Hair / Shy Guy (Trump 816)
    Unreleased :
    1959 -  Water Boy

    Jimmie Stewart bb The Shy Guys (1)
    1959 - Ten Thousan'/ Livin' Doll (Trump 817)

    Biography :

    Jim Slone, Trinidad Chavez and Gail Poch were in Eastern New Mexico University choir together. They were called The Shy Guys and Jim Slone was the lead singer.  At the beginning of 1958, the three friends decided to form a group. The same year they recorded two songs at Clovis, NM, where Buddy Holly recorded. Both songs were written by Jimmy Stewart. The Shy Guys backed Jimmy on two other of his compositions "Ten Thousan"'and "Livin' Doll".

    The Shy Guys (1)   The Shy Guys (1)

    "The Girl With The Flaxen Hair" b/w "Shy Guy " and "Ten Thousan"'b/w "Livin' Doll" will be released for the tiny label "Trump". They got enough airplay that as soon as they graduated in ‘58 and went and going on tour for six months to such hot spots as Boise, Idaho, and Elko, Nev.. In Boise, The Shy Guys recorded another song "Water Boy".

    The Shy Guys (1)

    Jim Slone had to go into the Army for six months and when he got out he took his first full-time disc jockey job in Farmington, NM. He eventually cut a bunch of demos and had four records on a couple of different labels, but he never had a hit. In 1963, Jim re-recorded "The Girl With The Flaxen Hair" backed by a female group, The Kimberlys.  He started as a disc jockey, worked his way into sales, then man- agement and ownership. Before it was all over he was fortunate enough to own nine radio stations.


    Songs :

    The Shy Guys (1)

    The Girl With The Flaxen Hair                          Shy Guy                 

    Jimmy Slone bb The Kimberlys

    The Girl With The Flaxen Hair                    Wedding Bells              


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