Cornell Gunter & The Ermines (Los Angeles)
    aka The Flairs (1)

    Personnel :

    Cornell Gunter(Lead)

    Kenneth Byley (First Tenor)

    Thomas Miller (Baritone)

    George Hollis(Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1955 - True Love / Peek, Peek-A-Boo (Loma 701)
    1956 - You Broke My Heart / I'm So Used To You Now (Loma 703)
    1956 - Keep Me Alive / Muchacha, Muchacha (Loma 704)
    1956 - I'm Sad / One Thing For Me (Loma 705)

    Unreleased :
    1958 - He Judges (Ebb) unreleased
    1958 - I'll Make A Bet (Ebb) (unreleased)

    Biography :

    The Flairs were an American doo-wop group based in Los Angeles. They went through several lineup changes during their existence. Their notable members included Richard Berry (writer of 'Louie Louie') and Cornell Gunter, who would go on to being a member of The Coasters.


    In 1955, some members left the flairs,  Pete Fox joining the Cadets and Obediah Jessie recording solo (as Young Jessie). Cornell Gunter formed a new group, The Ermines, with new members George Hollis, Thomas Miller, and his cousin, Kenneth Byley. After a brief stint with Loma Records , they signed up with manager Buck Ram, and moved to ABC-Paramount Records, taking the name The Flairs.

    Shirley Gunter                                                             The Ermines

    After recording for ABC a short time, they moved to Modern, then to Aladdin Records. Old Ermine's tracks continued to be released by Loma. Also, during this time, they frequently backed up Gunter's sister, Shirley.

    Songs :

    True Love                        Peek, Peek-A-Boo                  You Broke My Heart

    I'm So Used To You Now              Keep Me Alive                  One Thing For Me

    I'll Make a Bet                        Muchacha, Muchacha                   I'm Sad

    He Judges


    Cds :



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