• The Sunrisers (Los Angeles,C.A)
    aka The CuffLinx aka The Raindrops (1) aka the Webs (1) aka The Style Kings


    Personnel :

    Henry Houston (Lead)

    Moses "Moe" Walker (First Tenor)

    Jerry Speed (Second Tenor, Baritone, Alto),

    Elroy Coleman (Bass)


    Discography :

    1956 - Behold A Dream (Unreleased)
    1956 - Soft Soft Lips (Unreleased)
    1956 - House Party (Unreleased)  (released as by the Style Kings in 1962)
    1956 - Never Happen (Unreleased) (released as by the Style Kings in 1962)

    Biography :

    Around 1952, a group called the Rain Drops formed on the U.S.S. Noble, an Attack Transport (APA 218) that had landed the first Marines in Korea. They consisted of Henry Houston (lead tenor), Moses "Moe" Walker (first tenor), Jerry Speed (second tenor, baritone, and alto), and Elroy Coleman (bass). They patterned themselves after the Dominoes, the Clovers, the 5 Royales, and the Midnighters and performed in clubs in and around San Diego.

    The Raindrops (1) in 1960  (Houston, Coleman, Durden & Simmons)

    When the Rain Drops started being discharged, they decided to stick around and continue singing together . In 1956, they held their first recording session, with John Dolphin. They recorded four songs ("Behold A Dream," "Soft, Soft Lips," "Never Happen," and "House Party") as the "Sunrisers" , but Dolphin never released any of them on either of his current labels (Cash and Money).


    Songs :

    Behold A Dream                                 Soft Soft Lips      


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