• The Imaginations (2)  (Long Island, New York)
     aka The Expressions (3)

    Personnel :

    Frank Mancuso (Lead)

    Bobby Bloom (First Tenor)

    Philip Agtuca (Second Tenor)

    Pete Agtuca (Baritone)

    Richie LeCausi (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Imaginations (2)
    1961 - The Search is Over / Goodnight Baby (Music Makers 103)
    1961 - Guardian Angel / Hey You (Music Makers 108 / Duel 507)
    1962 - Mamma Little Baby / Wait A Llttle Longer Son (Ballad 500)
    1976 - I'll Never Let You Go / The Mystery Of You (Harvey 101)
    Unreleased :
    1961 - I Hate To See A Little Girl Crying (Music Makers)

    LPs :
    1985 - The Imaginations (Relic LP 5058)
    Hey You / Autumn Leaves / The Search is Over / Never Let You Go / The Mystery Of Youu / Harry Goody / Fannie Brown / I Love You So / My Little Girl / Chapel Bells / Will / Wait A Llittle Longer Son / Goodnight Baby / Guardian Angel / Mamma Little Baby

    Darlene Day & The Imaginations (2)
    1961 - I Love You So / Will (Music Makers 106)

    The Expressions (3)
    1963 - To Cry / On The Corner (Parkway 892)

    Biography :

    Formed in Bellmore, Long Island, New York, USA, in 1961, doo-wop group the Imaginations consisted of Frank Mancuso (lead), Bobby Bloom (first tenor), Phil Agtuca (second tenor), Pete Agtuca (baritone) and Richard LeCausi (bass). 

    The Imaginations (2) aka The Expressions (3)

    In April 1961, Music Makers released the group's "Goodnight Baby', which featured King Curtis on saxophone. The Imaginations" second studio engagement came as back-up singers for Darlene Day, and, with studio time remaining, they also recorded two of their own songs, "Guardian Angel" and "Hey You".

    When the tracks formed their second single, both sides attracted airplay, and the record was licensed to Duel Records, although too late, apparently, to allow it a chance to reach the national charts. Despite this, "Hey You", primarily through repeated radio plays, became established as one of the most popular vocal group records in the New York area throughout the early 60s.

    The Imaginations (2) aka The Expressions (3)
    Backing up Darlene Day

     However, that impetus was stalled when Mancuso joined the air forces, and Music Makers closed down. Bobby Caupin took over on lead as the group switched to a new title, the Ebonaires.  A single was recorded ("Chapel Bells") but never released.

       The Imaginations (2) aka The Expressions (3)

    Still not dispirited, Bobby Bloom took over on lead as the group then reverted to their former name for "Wait A Little Longer Son", issued on new label Ballad Records.  Again a release of genuine quality, it too was picked up for extended distribution, this time by Laurie Records.


    By 1963 the group had broken up, but they re-formed when producers Pete Antell and John Linde took an interest in their careers.  Bloom, Phil Agtuca and LeCausi were then joined by John Governale (first tenor) and Pete Lanzetta (baritone) in the Expressions. As well as backing Tommy Boyce in the studio, The Expressions  released a debut single in 1963, "On The Corner" - a eulogy to the origins of doo-wop on street corners.  However, it flopped, and the group broke up once again.

                     The Expressions                                   The Four Motions : left to right Felix Barreto , Googie Page, David Barreto, sitting Phil Agtuca

    In 1964, Phil Agtuca recorded with The Four Motions, they have a demo song "My Hero". Bloom, however, persevered as a solo artist, and was rewarded in 1970 when his "Montego Bay" became a US number 8/UK number 3 hit.



    Videos :

    "The Search is Over" "Mama's Little Baby"

    Songs :
     (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    The Imaginations (2)

    Guardian Angel                   The Search is Over             Wait A Little Longer Son

    Hey You                              Mamma Little Baby                   Goodnight Baby

    Never Let You Go               The Mystery Of You                    My Little Girl

    Harry Goody                          Chapel Bells                      Fannie Brown

    Autumn Leaves


    Darlene Day & The Imaginations (2)

    I Love You So                                  Will




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