• The Delatones
    Ron Edgington, Noel Glenn and Larry Adair

    The Delatones (Corpus Christy, TX)


    Personnel :

    Larry Adair   (Lead Singer, Songwriter, Lead guitar)

    Noel Glenn  (Guitar, Singer, Writer)

    Ron Edgington  (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals

    Henry Edgington (Drummer)


    Discography :

    1960 - Little Jeanie / Dream World (TNT 9027)
    1960 - Teenagers Love / Ik-Heb-Je-Lief (TNT 9028)


    Biography :

    By Larry Adair
    Noel Glenn and Larry Adair met in the navy in Corpus Christy TX where they were stationed in 1960.  Then They met Ron and Henry Edgington and formed the group The Delatones. They played all around Corpus Christy at different venues for a while, then they went to San Antonio TX to record some original songs at Tanner N Texas (TNT) Recording Company, owned by Bob Tanner, which they produced and arranged themselves.

    The Delatones

    Then they went back to Corpus Christy and a DJ heard the recording and got the group to open at the memorial aditorium for Fabian and other major artists.  The Delatones played around Corpus Christy trying to promote their songs and not long after that Larry Adair  got transferred to Kodiak Alaska and Noel Glenn got transferred to Florida so basicaly the Delatones broke up.

    The Delatones      The Delatones

    Come to find out they didn't know that the songs were playing all over Tx and California, Little Jeanie was #1 in Fresno and #3 in Texas, but they weren't there to promote them. When Larry got out of the navy he went to Florida where Noel was and they performed for awhile at the base and other venues and they were going to try to get the group back together again, but Noel found out he had tb and had to be in the hospital for quite awhile. So the Delatones reunion never happened.   

    The Delatones
    Fabiian & The Delatones with extra musicians.
    (L to R) Ron Edgington, Noel Glenn, Sonny Mc Gee, Fabian, James Blackstock, Larry Adair and Douglass..

    Larry performed for many years with other groups and by himself, When Noel was well he went on to perform with other groups and Ron & Henry went their own way. But they all have so many fond memories of those times to much to write on one page we could write a book or even make a movie.


    Songs :

    Teenagers Love                     Dream World

    Ik-Heb-Je-Lief                         Little Jeanie


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