• 1957 - left to right : Donald Dixon, Joe Lamando, Jimmy and Bobby Bunch (brothers), Dave Bensky.

    The Five Gents (1) (Montrose, NY)


    Personnel :

    Joseph Lomando

    Jimmy Bunch

    Robert Bunch

    Donald Dixon

    David Bensky (Contra Bass)


    Discography :

    1958 - Rock With Me Marie / I Never Told You  (Crest 516)


    Biography :

    The Five Gents group on the Crest Label all attended Hendrick Hudson High School in Montrose, New York which is about forty miles north of New York City on the Hudson River. The members of the group were Joseph Lomando, J. Bunch, Robert Bunch, Donald Dixon, and David Bensky. The group were a mixed group 3 black and 2 white. Lamando and Bensky were white. 

    The Five Gents (1)

    They all grew up and lived in the surrounding area and knew each other from school. They appeared up and down the Hudson Valley area, a West Point Graduation, won first place in a talent contest and recorded one single (both sides) at a studio in Long Island. The song "Rock With Me Marie" was written by Joe Lamando.  He had a crush (liked) on a girl named Mary.

    The Five Gents (1)

    "Rock With Me Marie" b/w "I Never Told You" is the only record that they made. It was sold in the school and at record shops in the neighboring towns, but was never widely distributed. If you have a copy it is one of about 2000. The group all graduated from high school between 1957 and 1959 and went their separate ways.

    Songs :

    Rock With Me Marie                         I Never Told You


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