• The Tenderfoots aka The Lamplighters (Los Angeles)
    (Update By Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel :

    Carl White (Lead)

    Al Frazier (Tenor)

    Sonny Harris (Lead)

    Matthew Nelson (Bass)

    Discography :

    1955 - Kissing Bug / Watussi  Wussi Wo (Federal 12214)

    1955 - Save Me Some Kisses / My Confession (Federal 12219)

    1955 - Those Golden Bells / I'm Yours Anyhow (Federal 12225)

    1955 - Sindy / Sugar Ways (Federal 12228)
    1955 - Lavern (Federal) (Unreleased)
    1955 - No Other One (Federal) (Unreleased)

    Biography :

    This group recorded as, and evolved from the Lamplighters.
    The Lamplighters personnel was changing often. By year's end, they were an entirely different group.

    The Lamplighters

    Later in the year, the Lamplighters signed with Decca for only one single, then returned to Federal, who tried something new: they decided to re-name them "The Tenderfoots," hoping to start anew and get off on the good (tender) foot. Four recordings were released by the group under this name, but were quickly forgotten.

    Songs :

    La Verne                                    No Other One

    My Confession                             Those Golden Bells

    Cindy                                                Watussi  Wussi Wo

    Save Me Some Kisses                            I'm Yours Anyhow

    Sindy                                            Sugar Ways

    CDs :

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