Jim, Bob, Sandra "Daly" Daley and Tom Esopa

    The Forevers (Baldwin, New York)
    Ref : Tommy Sawyer & The Twains


    Personnel :

    Tom Esopa (Lead)

    Sandra "Daly" Daley




    Discography :

    The Forevers
    1958 - Baby / Slow Down (Apt 25022)

    Sandra Daly
    1961 - Ooh La La / My Only Cure Is You (TJ 101)

    Tommy Sawyer & The Twains
    1962 - Fifteenth Down The Line / How Deep Is The Ocean (Diamond 112)


    Biography :

    The Forevers from Baldwin, New York were composed by Tom Esopa, Sandra "Daly" Daley, Jim and Bob. They perform locally and eventually have the chance to record a single: "Baby" b/w "Slow Down" released by Apt Records in November 1959. 

    The Forevers     The Forevers  

                                                                                                   Sandra Daley

    Three years later singer Sandra Daley will record a solo single. the disc is produced by Tom Esopa who also write one of the songs : "Ooh La La". The story could have ended there, but in 1962, Tom Esopa backed by an unknown group, recorded "Fifteenth Down The Line" b/w "How Deep Is The Ocean" billed as Tommy Sawyer & The Twains.


    Songs :

    The Forevers

    Baby                                                  Slow Down

    Sandra Daly

      My Only Cure Is You                              Ooh La La            

    Tommy Sawyer & The Twains

    Fifteenth Down The Line          How Deep Is The Ocean


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