• Michael & The Continentals (8)
    1962 - Michael & The Continentals

    Michael & The Continentals (8) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Michael Zarzana (Lead)

    Dennis Muro (First Tenor)

    Joey Noto (Second Tenor)

    Mark Weiner (Baritone)

    Billy Schlanger (Bass)


    Discography :

    1967 - Little School Girl / Rain In My Eyes (Audio Fidelity 139)


    Biography :

    Michael and the Continentals were from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and consisted of Michael Zarzana (lead), Dennis Muro (first tenor), Joey Noto (second tenor), Mark Weiner (baritone) and Billy Schlanger (bass).  Originally, Tony Battiglia was the 2nd tenor but Michael asked Joey Noto to take his place.  All were from Sheepshead Bay and started singing in the early 1960 on the street corners of Brooklyn or any other practice venue the groups could find. They eventually form  "Michael & the Continentals" & sang professionally for 10 years.  The group makes several recordings but nothing comes out. They have to wait until the mid-60s to finally see the release of a single : "Little School Girl" b/w "Rain In My Eyes". There are many unreleased doowop cuts by the Continentals, produced by Barney Zarzana of the Bay Bops.


    Songs :

    Little School Girl / Rain In My Eyes


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