• The V.I.P.'s 

    The V.I.P.'s (New York)
    ref : The Fantastics (1)

    Personnel :

    Jackie Carter

    Fred Warner

    Larry "Dub" Lawrence

    Bill Nicholson

    Horace Williams

    Discography :

    1964 - You Pulled A Fast One / Flashback (Bigtop 518)
    1964 - I'm On To You Baby / If He Wants Me (Bigtop 521)
    1965 - Don't Pass Me By / You Ain't Good For Nothing (Bigtop 100)

    The V.I.P.'s
    French Ep

    Biography :

    From Doo woo To Soul : When Sammy Strain left The Fantastics in 1960, Larry Lawrence, Fred Warner, William Forrest and Billy Sutton acquired a new first tenor named Nick Nicholson. They continued singing as the Fantastics for the next couple years and finally as the Keynoters they recorded “I Wanna Know Who” B/w “Come Back Home” for Keynote Records.

    The V.I.P.'s

    In 1964, Larry Lawrence, Fred Warner and Nick Nicholson formed the V.I.P.’s, along with Horace Brooks from the Impacts and Blue Chips and a female singer, Jackie Carter. Paul Fulton of the Chips and Blue Chips also reported being in the group. They used to rehearse at the Brill Building on Broadway and the producer’s name was Bill Giant who lived in Matawan, New Jersey. The V.I.P.’s recorded three records for Bigtop Records, the best selling one being “You Pulled A Fast One”.

    The V.I.P.'s

    The V.I.P.'s had a good lead with Jackie Carter, But they never charted. They always had regional hits. In Baltimore they did a show at the Royal Theater with Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions. After being together for about a year, the V.I.P.’s broke up and some time shortly after that, Jackie Carter was found dead.

    Songs :

    You Pulled A Fast One                      Flashback

    I'm On To You Baby                            If He Wants Me

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