• The Kings (2) (New York)
    aka The Ravens


    Personnel :

    Joe Van Loan (Tenor)

    Paul Van Loan (Tenor)

    James Van Loan (Baritone/Second Tenor)

    Dave Bowers (Bass)

    Bill Chambers (Pianist/Arranger)


    Discography :

    1957 - Long Lonely Nights / Let Me Know (Baton 245)

    Biography :

    In 1957 Willie Ray, Willis Sanders, and Bill Sanford all left the Ravens. Joe Van Loan brought in his two brothers, Paul Van Loan (tenor) and James Van Loan (former baritone/second tenor of the Dominoes for three years). To round out the group, there was a new pianist/arranger: Bill Chambers.

                                                                               Paul Van Loan, Joe Van Loan, Bill Chambers, James Van Loan, Dave Bowers

    In June 1957, the new Ravens recorded "Long Lonely Nights," "Let Me Know," "Dear One," and "That'll Be The Day" . Chess leased "Long Lonely Nights"/"Let Me Know" out to Baton Records. Baton issued these as by the "Kings."


    Songs :

    Long Lonely Nights                                Let Me Know





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