The Casuals (1) (Nashville, T.N.)
    aka The Casualteens


    Personnel :

    Buzz Cason (Vocalist)

    Richard Williams (Vocalist / Pianist )

    Chester Powers (Accordionist / Pianist)

    Bill Smith (Drummer)

    Johnny McCreery (Guitarist)

    Joe Watkins (Saxophonist)


    Discography :

    The Casuals (1)
    1957 - My Love Song For You / Help Me (Nu-Sound 801/Dot Records 15557)
    1957 - Till You Come Back me / Hello Love (Dot Records 15671)
    1957 - Pardners / We Go Together (Black Hawk 500)

    The Casualteens
    1958 - Need You So / She's Swinging (Felsted 8529)


    Biography :

    Buzz Cason sang in the youth choir at his local church, learning harmonies from his mother, Rosa, an alto. He indeed enjoyed performing on camera and met the musicians at the television station, soon forming a group they called, "The Casuals", generally recognized as Nashville's first rock-n-roll band.

    Buzz Cason & Richard Williams

    Ball produced the band. Their first album, which contained Cason's first song, "My Love Song For You", co-written with Richard Williams, vocalist and keyboardist with the Casuals. The record came out first on Nu-Sound, Ball's label and was later picked up by Dot where the song made the local top ten. By 1957, The Casuals had become a touring act, replacing The Everly Brothers on a tour of 60 fair dates.


    Later, legendary manager, Dub Albritton heard the group and The Casuals became Brenda Lee's backing band. The Casuals backed her up and became her back up for many years after that. In 1960,  Band members included: Snuffy Smith, Billy Smith, Buzz Cason, Richard Williams, Wayne Moss, Joe Watkins.

    Richard Williams & Buzz Cason

    By 1958, The Casuals had become the CasualTeens for one single and recorded for Felsted "Need You So" and "She's Swingin".


    In 1960 Buzz Cason with Richard Williams and Hugh Jarrett of The Jordanaires recorded as The Statues for Liberty. In 1960, Cason started a solo career under the pseudonym Garry Miles, and had a number 16 hit in 1960 with "Look For A Star".


    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Casuals (1)

    My Love Song For You                     Till You Come Back

    Help Me                                         Hello Love

    We Go Together / Pardners 


    The Casualteens

    Need You So                                         She's Swinging



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