The Creations (6)

    The Creations (6) (Detroit, Mi)

    Personnel :

    Tom Lipkins (Lead)

    Jan Wingard

    Robert Williams

    Charles Holman

    Discography : 

    Single :
    1962 - This Is Our Night / You're My Inspiration (Mel-O-Dy 101)
    1962 - Going To A Party (Mel-O-Dy)
    1962 - Special Touch (Mel-O-Dy)
    1962 - Let's Mash Potatoes (Mel-O-Dy)
    1962 - I'm Not Alone (Mel-O-Dy)
    1962 - What's Your Reason (Mel-O-Dy)
    1962 - Remember Me (Mel-O-Dy)

    Biography :

    Mel-o-dy Records was founded in June of 1962 by Berry Gordy, Jr.  The purpose for Berry’s fourth label behind Tamla, Motown and Gordy was to provide an outlet for releases that ‘didn’t fit’ elsewhere. Mel o dy didn’t attract much attention from the record buying public but did spotlight some artists who would go on to make their mark.  One of the more obscure names in the Motown/Mel-O-Dy story was the doo-wop group the Creations. The group came from Toledo, Ohio and consisted of Tom Lipkins, Jan Wingard, Robert Williams & Charles Holman . They recorded eight Songs, with excellent doo wop like "This Is Our Night", "Going To A Party", "Special Touch"...  Mel-O-Dy released only one single in July 1962 with "This Is Our Night" b/w "You're My Inspiration".

    Songs :

    This Is Our Night                                You're My Inspiration

    Going To A Party                            Special Touch

    I'm Not Alone                               Remember Me

    What's Your Reason                       Let's Mash Potatoes


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  • The Carvettes

    The Carvettes (Jackson, MS.)

    Personnel :

    Al Goodman (Baritone/ Bass)

    Charles Haynes (First / Second Tenor)

    Albert Brown (Falsetto/ First Tenor)

    Tommy Harden (Lead)

    Walter Catchings (Lead / First Tenor)

    Discography :

    The Carvettes
    1961 - A Lovers Prayer / Never Gonna Leave Me (Copa 200-1 / 200-2)

    Sam Baker bb The Carvettes
    1960 - So Long / Crazy About You Baby (Copa 200-3 / 200-4)

    Biography :

    The hottest soul group in Jackson, MS and the surrounding areas in the mid-'60s was unquestionably the Carvettes. The Temptations of the South were manned by Al Goodman (baritone-bass), Charles Haynes (1st & 2nd tenor), Albert Brown (falsetto, 1st tenor), Tommy Harden (lead), and Walter Catchings (lead, 1st tenor).  (Many mistakenly called the group the Corvettes after the car -- and at one time they became the Corvettes to avoid the confusion -- but they're credited on their sole 45 as the Carvettes.)

    The Carvettes   The Carvettes
                                                                                                                                                       Sam Baker

    Bonding at Jim Hill High School they kept busy, playing proms, talent shows, and venues such as the Alamo Theater on Ferrish Street and Stevens' Rose Room on Sunset Drive, a large club that attracted people from all over Mississippi.  At one time, WOKK, Mississippi's first black radio station, featured them in a 15-minute spot every Saturday morning. They sung a cappela renditions of songs by the Moonglows, the Spaniels, the Midnighters, and others.

    The Carvettes
    The Moments with Al Goodman (Left)

    They recorded "A Lovers Prayer" b/w "Never Gonna Leave Me," on Copa Records. Though it flopped, they hung tough for a minute.  The label’s only other artist was Sam Baker. Sam Baker’s single was “So Long” b/w "Crazy About You Baby" with the Carvettes featured prominently as backup singers. Of the Carvettes, only Al Goodman pursued a music career, first with The Moments and later co-founding Ray, Goodman, & Brown.

    Songs :

    The Carvettes

        A Lovers Prayer                              Never Gonna Leave Me

    Sam Baker bb The Carvettes

            So Long                                    Crazy About You Baby


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  • The Revlons (1) aka The Revelons
    The Revlons (1962)

    The Revlons (1) (New York)
    aka The Revelons

    Personnel :

    Dave Barnes

    J. Smith

    R. Alexander

    S.Wright ?

    Discography :

    The Revlons (1)
    Singles :
    1961 - I Promise Love / This Restless Heart (Rae Cox 105)
    1962 - Dry Your Eyes / She'll Come To Me (Someday) (Capitol 4739)
    1966 - (Oh Oh Oh) What A Love This Is / Did I Make A Mistake (Toy 101/102)
    Unreleased :   
    1962 - Moonlight Angel (Capitol) (Crystal Ball 138)
    1962 - You Don't Love Me (Capitol) (Crystal Ball 138)

    The Revelons
    1961 - I Promise Love / This Restless Heart (Rae Cox 105)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from New York composed by Dave Barnes, J. Smith, R. Alexander and maybe  S.Wright ?. Their first record "I Promise Love" b/w "This Restless Heart" will be released on the Rae Cox label in May 1961. The New-York based Rae-Cox was formed in 1959 by Teddy McRae and Eddie Wilcox. Both men were experienced musicians and arrangers in the world of Big Bands and smaller R&B combos of the late forties and early fifties. They not only released gospel but also some Doo-Wop, R&B and what else was in vogue in the late fifties – early sixties. .

    The Revlons (1) aka The Revelons  The Revlons (1) aka The Revelons
    The Revlons (1966)                                                                                   The Revlons (1966)

    In April 1962, The Tokens arranged their DRlFTERS-styled shuffle version of "Dry Your Eyes" for the Revlons . The Revlons records the titles "Moonlight Angel", "You Don't Love Me", "Dry Your Eyes", and "She'll Come To Me" in New York City. Capitol Records will issue "Dry Your Eyes" and "She'll Come To Me" together as a single . It will take four years to finally listen to the group's ultimate single: "(Oh Oh Oh) What A Love This Is"  written by Luther Dixon & Larry Lucie and "Did I Make A Mistake" written by The Revlons. The single will be released by toy records owned by Larry Lucie

    Songs :

       I Promise Love                               This Restless Heart

             Dry Your Eyes                    She'll Come To Me (Someday)

      Moonlight Angel                     (Oh Oh Oh) What A Love This Is

    Did I Make A Mistake


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  • The Ontarios

    The Ontarios (Washington, DC)

    Personnel :

    Marcus Wright (Lead)

    Ernest Champion (First Tenor)

    Clayton Roberts  (Bass)

    Maurice Watkins (Baritone)

    Discography :

    1973 - I Really Had A Ball (1955) / Sorry (by The Clefs) (Baron 104)
    1973 - It's Wrong (1955) /  Is This The Real Thing (by The Warblers) (Baron 101)
    1973 - Love Me Baby (1955) / Scheming  (by The Warblers) (Baron 106)
    1974 - I'm Gonna Move (1955) / I’ll Drink A Toast (1955) (Firefly 323)
    1974 - Lovers Mambo (1955) / Memories Of You (1955) (Firefly 324)
    1974 - My Heart (1955) / Sunset (by The Serenaders) ( Roadhouse 1022)
    1974 - Refrigerator Daddy (acapella)

    Biography :

    The Ontarios were from Washington D.C. and were organised in 1954. The  group was composed by Marcus Wright, Clayton Roberts, Maurice Watkins and Ernest Champion and in 1955 went to record for the label DC, owned by Lillian Claiborne. Mrs. Lillian Claiborne was an eight-year veteran of the music publishing and recording field. She had already enjoyed a good run of 78 rpm single releases on DC records from 1947-1950. She had placed her most promising artists on other labels (The Cap-Tans to Gotham, Dot, and Coral, TNT Tribble, The Heartbreakers, and the Young Gospel Singers to RCA Victor, and Frank Motley to Gotham and later to Specialty -all with mixed results. Lillian Claiborne seemed to be determined to record anyone and anything that entered her studio. However, the most of what she recorded remained unreleased. The Ontarios were one of those groups that recorded for Lillian Claiborne, but, none of their tunes was ever released until the mid-70s. The Ontarios will separate in 1956, Clayton Roberts and Maurice Watkins joined the Incas.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    I'm Gonna Move (1955) / I’ll Drink A Toast (1955)

    Lovers Mambo (1955)                    Memories Of You (1955)

         My Heart (1955)                        Refrigerator Daddy (1955)

    I Really Had A Ball                                 It's Wrong       

    Love Me Baby

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  • Sax Kari & The Quailtones ref The Fidelitones (1) 

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones  (Detroit, MI)
    ref The Fidelitones (1)

    Personnel :

    Freddie Gorman (Bass)

    William « Sonny » Sanders

    Johnny Franklin

    James Martin

    Ted Scruggs

    Discography :

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones
    1955 - Roxanna / Tears Of Love (Josie 779)

    The Fidelitones (1)
    Unreleased :
    1958 - Pretty Girl / Game Of Love (Aladdin 3442) (not issued)
    1958 - Is it Too Late (Aladdin)

    Biography :

    Freddie Gorman (born Frederick Cortez Gorman, April 11, 1939 – June 13, 2006) was an American musician and record producer, most famous as a singer, songwriter for the Motown label in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was a native of Detroit, Michigan. A member of the Motown quartet The Originals, Freddie Gorman was also a vital unsung component of the Motown label's formative development. He co-wrote the label's first #1 pop hit "Please Mr. Postman", by the Marvelettes.

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones
    The Quailtones (1955) : William Sanders (Second from left), Freddie Gorman (Center)

    In 1964 the biggest selling group of all time, the Beatles released their version, and in 1975 the Carpenters took it back to #1 again. This was the second time in pop history (after "The Twist" by Chubby Checker) that a song reached #1 in the US twice. Freddie Gorman developed his potent bass harmonizing on local street corners, and was still in high school when he made his recorded debut on the Quailtones 1955 Josie Records. The Quailtones consisted of Freddie Gorman, Sonny Sanders, Johnny Franklin, James Martin and Ted Scruggs.

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones ref The Fidelitones (1)    
    Rufus Thomas & Sax Kari  

    They made one obscure record for Josie Records in New York which was arranged through a local record store owner and part time Saxophone Player, Sax Kari.  Sax Kari and the Qualitones, "Roxanna" b/w "Tears Of Love", came and went without a trace, and soon after, the group disbanded. When that happened, Freddie Gorman and another of the group's members, Sonny Sanders, formed a group called the Fidelitones, which consisted of the two of them, Brian Holland and a singer nicknamed "Bosco" who lived over on the other side of town. As it turned out, Gorman happened to be Berry Gordy's mailman, and it wasn't long before he convinced Berry to listen to his group.

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones    Sax Kari & The Quailtones
    The Fidelitones (1958)  William Sanders, Freddie Gorman                &            Brian Holland                          

    One year before Motown was started, Gordy recorded The Fidelitones for the Aladdin record label. This was also Berry's first encounter with Brian Holland . "Pretty Girl" b/w "Game Of Love" on Aladdin 3442 was never released. While under contract for Aladdin, they recorded "Is it Too Late" but again it was never released, possible because of a lack of funds, or for some other reason. It was finally released years later with this "Yesterday" record label release.
    Thanks to Marv Goldberg


    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Sax Kari & The Quailtones

    Tears Of Love                             Roxanna

    The Fidelitones (1)

    Is it Too Late

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