• The Indigos (1)
    (L to R) Denny Brooker, Joe Corbo, Sandy Fiscella, Tony Silvestre, and Michael Basso

    The Indigos (1) (Mount Vernon, New York)

    Personnel :

    Sandy Fiscella

    Tony Silvestre

    Michael Basso

    Denny Brooker

    Joe Corbo

    Discography :

    1957 - Servant Of Love / Woo, Woo, Pretty Girl (Cornel 3001)
    1958 - Everything Plus / High School Social (Cornel 515)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from Mount Vernon, New York., The group consisted of Sandy Fiscella (Lead), Denny Brooker, Joe Corbo, Tony Silvestre, and Michael Basso. The Indigos recorded "Servant Of Love" written by Sandy Fiscello and Denny Brooker b/w "Woo, Woo, Pretty Girl" written by Joe Corbo and Mike Bosso. The single was released in November 1957 by new label Cornel.

    The Indigos (1)   The Indigos (1)

    Cornell Records has been organized by Bill Fisher and Cornel Tanassy, with headquarters at 1674 Broadway. Tanassy is a former pianist-conductor for Marian Marlowe and arranger for Perry Como, Joe Stafford and others. Their first singles were the Indigos & Bob Neblett. Their second and last single was recorded on April 25, 1958 and was written by Brook Benton and King Curtis, both on Cornell Records.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

       Servant Of Love                              Woo, Woo, Pretty Girl

    Everything Plus / High School Social


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  • Hank Ayala & The Matadors (2)
    Manuel Pena, Hank Ayala and Eddie Ramirez

    Hank Ayala & The Matadors (2) (Weslaco, Texas)


    Personnel :

    Hank Ayala (Lead / High Tenor)

    Manuel Pena (High Tenor)

    Eddie Ramirez (Second Tenor)

    Discography :

    1960 - Betty Jo / Handsome (Backbeat 530)


    Hank Ayala was born and raised in the coastal plain town of Weslaco Texas. Hank discovered in Junior High that he had definite musical ability and as was common in those days, formed a singing group. Originally, the group had seven members, but they whittled it down to three. While singing at a local hop, radio DJ Bobby Dixon approached them with the idea of singing locally with his connections.

    Hank Ayala & The Matadors (2)   

    The group eventually cut a record on the Houston based Backbeat label, and were fortunate to have Bobby Doyle and Kenny Rogers play on the session.They enjoyed it so much, they actually played several gigs with the Matadors in the surrounding area. Once the record was released, they actually played it over the intercom at the Matadors school - Weslaco High School.

    Hank Ayala, Manuel Pena and Eddie Ramirez

    The record did very well locally, but did not catch on nationally. They didn't really have an effective manager, and that was a stumbling block to their career. The group broke up as they finished high school. Eddie Ramirez Went into the air Force and Manuel Pena went off to college. Hank was left on his own, and did some solo work and assembled a group, but did not continue with it for long.

    Songs :

    Betty Jo                                     Handsome





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  • Herb Price & The Darts (3)
    (From left) Herb Price, Jerry Clark, Richard Williams, James Clark Jr. and Virgil Gooding

    Herb Price & The Darts (3) (Davenport Iowa)

    Personnel :

    Herbert Price (Lead)

    James Clark Jr. (First Tenor)

    Virgil Gooding (Second Tenor)

    Richard Williams (Baritone)

    Jerry Clark (Bass)

    Discography :

    1959 - Shimmy Shimmy (Cha Cha Cha) / Gone Too Long (Tempus 1506)

    Biography :

    The group composed of Herbert Price, James Clark Jr., Virgil Gooding, Richard Williams and Jerry Clark have been entertaining local group for several months. The Boys are well-known to Davenport High students as the "Davenport Darts." Herb & Jerry, both Davenport High School graduates are students at the State University of Iowa and the University of Dubuque respectively. Herb dropped classes to work with the Darts but plans to return to school. Virgil and Jim are seniors at Davenport High school and Richard is a student at J.B. Young Junior High School.

    Herb Price & The Darts (3)   Herb Price & The Darts (3)

    The Darts began singing as a group in early 1958. It all started when several of the boys were sitting in one of their homes singing when they discovered , with the aid of a tape recorded, that they were much in need of practice. After about two weeks of just practicing the scale they really started singing. During the fall months of 1958, the boys received a recording contract with the Tempus Co. of Peoria, Ill, and they recorded "Shimmy Shimmy (Cha Cha Cha)" and "Gone Too Long". The songs are heard frequently over the radio stations.

    Songs :

              Gone Too Long                       Shimmy Shimmy (Cha Cha Cha)


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  • The Threeteens aka The Dreams (4) aka The Cupcakes (2)
    Janis Cox, Left, Donna Crunk,  top, Pam Crunk

    The Threeteens (Phoenix, Arizona)
    aka The Dreams (4)
    aka The Cupcakes (2)

    Personnel :

    Donna Crunk

    Pam Crunk

    Janis Cox

    Discography :

    The Threeteens
    1958 - Dear 53310761 / Doowaddie (Rev 3516)
    1959 - For The Love Of Mike / X + Y = Z (Rev 3522/Todd 1021)

    The Cupcakes (2)
    1959 - It's Willy / Deutsche Rock und Roll (Time 1011)

    The Dreams (4)
    Singles :
    1962 - Too Late / Inexperience (Smash 1748)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - No Love Lost
    1962 - I Forgot About You

    Denny Reed bb Donna & Pam Crunk (Uncredited)
    1960 -  A Teenager Feels It Too / Hot Water  (Trey 3007)

    Biography :

    The Threeteens were a Phoenix girl group consisting of Donna and Pam Crunk (daughters of Connie Conway, whose real name is Connie Crunk) and their friend Jan Cox. Connie Conway, a noted musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and music teacher worked with songwriter/producer Lee Hazelwood (writer of “These Boots Are Made of for Walking”(Nancy Sinatra), and producer of Wayne Newton) . The Three girls were from Washington High School in Phoenix and in 1958 Donna, Jan & Pam signed a recording contract with Lester Sill and Lee Hazlewood to record at the Audio Recorders studio in Phoenix.

    Donna Crunk & Janis Cox

    As the Threeteens, they cut four songs released by Rev Records in Phoenix owned by Bill Thorne & Frank Porter . "Dear 53310761"  b/w "Doowaddie" on Rev 3516 and "For The Love Of Mike" b/w  "X + Y = Z" on Rev 3522, This Rev 45 was also released on Todd label. "Dear 53310761" On Rev Records #3516 had Duane Eddy on Guitar (The number "53310761", of course, refers to Elvis' U.S. Army serial number). The girls did most of the girl backgrounds at Audio Recorders.

    Donna Crunk                                               Janis Cox                                                              Pam Crunk

    In 1959 They changed their name as the Cupcakes and cut "It's Willy" b/w "Deutsche Rock und Roll" for Time records. In 1961, Pam & Donna, renamed the Dreams,  drove to L.A. to work with Lee Hazlewood and cut 4 sides for smash Records.  Only the single "Too Late" b/w "Inexperience" was released on Smash 1748 .

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Threeteens

    Doowaddie                                      Dear 53310761

    X + Y = Z                                  For The Love Of Mike

    The Cupcakes (2)

     It's Willy / Deutsche Rock und Roll

    The Dreams (4)

    Too Late                                        Inexperience

    Denny Reed bb Donna & Pam Crunk (Uncredited)

    A Teenager Feels It Too                               Hot Water


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  • The Commodores (1)
    Eddie Seals, Homer Tankersley, Charles Speed and Floyd Gray

    The Commodores (1) (Lubbock, TX)

    Personnel :

    Homer Tankersley (Lead)

    Charles Speed (Tenor)

    Eddie Seals (Tenor)

    Floyd Gray (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Commodores (1)
    1955 - Riding On A Train / Uranium (Dot 15372)
    1955 - Cream Puff / Close To My Heart (Dot 15425)
    1955 - Speedo / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Dot 15439)
    1956 - Two Loves Have I / Who Said I Said That (Dot 15461)
    1957 - Sweet Angel / Not A Day Goes By (Challenge 1004)
    1957 - I'll Be There (When You Get Lonely) / Faith (Challenge 1007)
    1959 - Who Dat?    / Laughing With Tears (Brunswick 55126)

    Darrell Glenn & The Commodores (1)
    1957 - Hello Baby (Glad To Have You Home) /  Zinga Zingo (RPM 488)

    Ken James
    1958 - If I Had Known / Within My Heart (Un peu de toi) (Nor-Va-Jak 1321)

    Ken Pepper
    1961 - Just A Little At A Time / I Get The Blues When It Rains (Top Rank 535)
    1961 - The Dying Soldier / Little Fish (Roulette 4375)


    Biography :

    Homer Tankersley, Floyd Gray, and Charles Speed were the originators of a singing group known as the Imperial Quartet, which, for many years, was a leader in the spiritual singing field throughout the southern states. The group (Imperial Quartet) appeared on the Texas Quality Radio Network for three years, during which time they were appearing dailv on a Dallas television station.   While the group was engaged in radio and TV work, they also did many personal appearances and concerts in the Southwest.

    The Commodores (1)

    In August, 1954, Eddie Seals joined the quartet and through a close friendship with Artie Glenn, author of the song hit “Crying in the Chapel,” Artic was introduced to Homer, Floyd, and Speed. After watching the group work for several weeks, Artie became very interested in die talent and could see a great future in the popular field of music for the group.  Mr. Glenn encouraged the Imperial Quartet to change their name and enter the popular field. On his suggestion, the group immediately changed their name to the Commodores.

    The Commodores (1)    The Commodores (1)

    The big break came when they landed a recording contract with the Dot Record Co., of Tennessee. Their first Dot Record release. “Uranium” and “Riding on a Train.” became a smash hit in the southern slates. “Uranium” was written by Artie Glenn; Glenn also collaborated with Marvin Montgomery, a fellow musician, on the "Train” side.  The group will record three more singles on Dot records in 1955/56 before recording two more discs for the Hollywood label' Challenge in 1957. In California, The Commodores backed Darrell Glenn on "Hello Baby (Glad To Have You Home)" and  "Zinga Zingo" released by RPM the same year. The group will record a last record for Brunswick records in 1959. Homer Tankersley also recorded as Ken James on Petty’s Nor-Va-Jak label in 1958 and as Ken Pepper for Roulette in 1961.

    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Commodores (1)

    Riding On A Train                             Uranium                                    Speedo         

    Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On         Two Loves Have I               Who Said I Said That         

    Sweet Angel                         Not A Day Goes By                           Faith          

    Laughing With Tears                            Who Dat?                              Cream Puff      

    Close To My Heart

    Darrell Glenn & The Commodores (1)

              Hello Baby                                 Zinga Zingo