• The Spectors Three
    Phil Spector, Rickie Page & Russ Titelman

    The Spectors Three  (Los Angeles, CA)


    Personnel :

    Phil Spector (guitar, vocals)

    Rickie Page (vocals)

    Russ Titelman (guitar)

    Discography :

    1959 - I Really Do / I Know Why  (Trey 3001)
    1960 - Mr. Robin  / My Heart Stood Still (Trey 3005)

    Biography :

    After the split of the Teddy Bears in 1959, Spector's career quickly moved from performing and songwriting to production. While recording the Teddy Bears's album, he had met Lester Sill, a former promotion man who was a mentor to Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. His next project, the Spectors Three, was undertaken under the aegis of Sill and his partner, Lee Hazlewood. The singers were a young musician friend called Russ Titelman, a female session singer named Ricky Page, and Spector himself; the backing track was minimal. Unable to use the Teddy Bears’name, he put out under the name of the Spectors Three.

    The Spectors Three

    When they lip-synched on a Los Angeles television show, there was no sign of Spector: Titelman was joined by his girlfriend, Annette Merar, and another friend, Warren Entner. The public, however, failed to be impressed, and it made no impression. The B- side, 'I Know Why', featured Phil's double-tracked vocal set against Page's ' heavenly' soprano wail. The record was released on Trey, a Hazlewood-Sill label distributed by Atlantic. The Spectors Three subsequently cut one more record, 'My Heart Stood Still', but that was a flop, too. It marked the end of Spector's career as a singer, although in 1959 he cut a pleasant instrumental called 'Bumbershoot', playing guitar with LA sessionmen, including an unimpressed Howard Roberts, for Imperial, under the name Phil Harvey.

    Songs :

    I Really Do                                       I Know Why

    Mr. Robin                                       My Heart Stood Still     


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  • The Faces 

    The Faces (Brooklyn, New York)

    Personnel :

    Philip Vitale

    Johnny Vitale

    Nicky Vitale

    Joseph R. De Biaso (aka Joe Edan)

    Discography :

    1963 - Christmas / New Year's Resolution (Iguana 601)
    1965 - Skier Jones / What Is This Dream (I Have) (Regina 1326)
    1965 - I'll Walk Alone / I Didn't Want Her (Regina 1328)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from Downtown Brooklyn with Philip, Johnny and Nicky Vitale along with their cousin Joseph R. De Biaso (aka Joe Edan). They all live in the Gowanus Projects at 175 Hoyt St.. They were a talented Italian American vocal group group. Carol Blades who sang with the Harptones lived in same building and practiced harmony with them. Their Iguana Record "Christmas" b/w "New Year's Resolution" is little known for their two great sides. They recorded two other singles for Regina Records.

    Songs :

       I'll Walk Alone                               New Year's Resolution

       Christmas                                       I Didn't Want Her

    What Is This Dream I Have


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  • The Co-Hearts
    The Co-Hearts (Philadelphia)

    Personnel :

    Doris Williamson

    Dorothy Williamson

    Earl Forman

    Jerry ?


    Discography :

    1958 - My Love / Cry Baby (Vee Jay 289)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from north Philadelphia. "My love" b/w "Cry Baby" is the only 45 this group made. The singers were twin sisters Doris and Dorothy Williamson, also Earl Forman, and Jerry last name unknown. They all are from north Philadelphia. The song was released in 1958.

    The Co-Hearts    The Co-Hearts
    Doris Williamson                                                                                                                                    

    The Co-hearts were produced by Harold Nussbaum (also known as Hal Norton) and William Goldstein (owners of Norgolde Records in Philly) , the same two gents who produced the Buccaneers on Southern and the Re-Vels on Chess.  The Co-hearts appeared many times in the late 50's on the same card as the Guytones.

    Songs :

    My Love                                          Cry Baby


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  • The Vilons

     The Vilons (Brooklyn, New York)

    Personnel :

    Bobby Alvarez (lead)

    John Pagar (Tenor)

    Santos Torres (Second Tenor)

    Louis Torres (Baritone)

    Cesare Pagan (Bass)

    Discography :

    First Group
    1962 - What Kind Of Fool Am I? / Let Me In Your Life (Lake 713)
    1963 - Mother Nature / Lone Stranger (Aljon 1259 / 1260)

    Second Group
    1972 - Angel Darling / Wish She Was Wine (Bim Bam Boom 104)
    1973 - Tears On My Pillow / Sweetest One (Vintage 1011)

    Biography :

    It all started in the Farragut housing projects in Brooklyn. Five Young Men - Bobby Alvarez (lead), John Pagar (Tenor), Santos Torres (Second Tenor), Louis Torres (Baritone) and Cesare Pagan (Bass) - began to harmonize on rooftops and in hallways. Being convinced theta they were ready to go professional and record, they went looking for help. John, leader of the group, found an address of a record company on a Aljon disc and since it wasn't far away from their homes they decided to check it out. At Aljon they found Al Browne. Together with Al's Musical accompaniment they cut several sides.

    The group personnel remained intact during their brief recording career accept with Carlos Infante of the Zircons filling in on bass several times. The group broke up in the mid '60s. Of this masters, two records were originally released: "What Kind Of Fool Am I ?" b/w "Let Me In Your Life" on Lake (Which Al Browne ran with Partner Ernest Kelley) in 1962 and "Mother Nature" b/w "Lone Stranger" on Aljon in 1963. The Original version of "Mother Nature", as the original of "Lone Stranger", was first recorded by the Del Counts on Al Browne's Rose label. Relic re-issued "Mother Nature" in 1964 and it remained in print for over twenty years.

    Al Browne (Piano) with his band

    Here's the complete story on the 2nd Vilons group (by Tony D'Ambrosio). In 1971, Al Browne reformed the Vilons; the only remaining original member was Lead Singer Bobby Alvarez. The rest of the group consisted of Donny Myles, Sonny Benton, Sal Mondrone and Luther Van Dross. Luther Van Dross was Al's nephew and younger brother of original Crests' member Patricia Van Dross. These were some of the earliest recordings that Luther Vandross appeared on. He became a "super-star" whose highly successful career endured until his death in 2005.


    Donny Myles and Sonny Benton were former members of many groups including the Billy Dawn Quartet, the Heralds, and the Four Dukes. Sal Mondrone was a DJ on NYC radio stations WHBI-FM (early 1970s) and WFUV-FM (1980s). He was also the Baritone Lead Singer of the legendary Sparrows Quartette. In 1971, the reformed Vilons recorded 4 sides for Al, at C & S Studios on Linden Blvd in Brooklyn (NY). Two were sold to Bim Bam Boom (for $50) and released on that label in 1972. The other 2 were sold to Record Exchanger (for $50) and were released on their Vintage label in 1973.

    Songs :

    What Kind Of Fool Am I?          Mother Nature                    Lone Stranger

    Let Me In Your Life                 Tears On My Pillow

    Angel Darling                         Sweetest One                 Wish She Was Mine


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  • The Martels

     The Martels (Nashville, TN)
    (Thanks to Chuck Bowersock)


    Personnel :

    Doug McDonald

    Lucien Anderson

    Luther Weathers

    Bob Bowersock


    Discography :

    1959 - Where Did My Woman Go / Teacher Don't Keep Me In (Nasco 6026)

    Biography :

    The Grads were a young male quartet who were chosen in August 1958 as the "Discovery of the Years" of the Nashville Tennessean's 1958. Chosen by three expert judges in competition among 16 other top musicians and musical groups, The Grads will be the feature of the final concert of the season.

    The Martels
    1958 - The Grads (Front ) Bob Bowersock, and Bruce Carillon (accompanist) (Rear) Luther Weathers, Lucien Anderson and Doug McDonald 

    The Grads smothered their opposition under an avalanche of musical notes with their performance of "Silhouettes" in the initial audition and in the finals, "Teacher, Don't" composed by one of their own number, Lucien Anderson. The group is made up of Lucien Anderson, 21, of Hendersonville; Luther Weathers, 25, of 311 Thuss ave.in Nashville; Bob Bowersock, 22 of 1111 Grandview ave.in Nashville; and Doug McDonald, 26, of 519 Southgate ave. in Nashville.

    Bob Bowersock, Lucien Anderson, Luther Weathers, Doug McDonald

    The Boys met while still in school. Weathers, Bowersock and Anderson attended David Lipscomb college and McDonald was at middle Tennessee State College and Vanderbilt University. They sang with different groups while in school. They went to New York to appears on the "Ted Mack and The Original Amateur Hour" November 2,1958. The quartet sang "Old Man River" and have changed their name to the Martels. Doug Taylor replaced Bob Bowersock who returned to Atlanta.

    The Martels
    The Martels :  Lucien Anderson, Doug  Taylor,  Bruce Carillon (accompanist)  Luther Weathers and  Doug McDonald. 

    The Martels cut their first single with "Where Did My Woman Go" and "Teacher Don't Keep Me In" released by Nasco in April 1959. The Nasco label was formed in 1957, a subsidiary of Nashboro Records founded in 1951 by Nashville-based record store owner Ernie Young as an outlet for rhythm and blues and rock and roll.

         The Martels


    Videos :

      Old Man River (Ted Mack and The Original Amateur Hour)

    Songs :

    Teacher Don't Keep Me In                 Where Did My Woman Go



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