Tommy Frontera bb The Domineers (2)

Tommy Frontera bb The Domineers (2)
    Tommy Frontera & The Domineers (according from tommy's daughter)

Tommy Frontera bb The Domineers (2) (Detroit, Mi.)


    Personnel :

    Tommy Frontera (Lead)

    John Louis Compo

    Andy Bonaventura (from the Seminoles)

    Dominic Chiaravalli



    Discography :

    Tommy Frontera bb The Domineers (2) (uncredited)
    1963 - After Tonite / How To Love Him (REM 103)

    Tommy Frontera
    1962 - Shy Boy / Dry Your Eyes (Hi-Lite 84003/4)
    1962 - Mary Mary / To Be With You (Hi-Lite 8450/1)
    1962 - Be Mine / That’s All I Want From You (Hi-Lite 84952/3)
    1963 - (You’re My) Leading Lady / I Heard Every Word (Hi-Lite 107)
    1967 - Street Of Shame / Merry Go Round (Palmer 5015)
    1978 - You'll Never See Me Again / Our Loves Gone (RN 100/101)


    Biography :

    Tommy Frontera was singing on street corners with his friends around Six Mile and Woodward and went to high school at MacKenzie High, in Detroit. In 1962 Tommy recorded for Hi-Lite Records in Detroit which would release four singles. In  MacKenzie High, Tommy with Andy Bonaventura who sing with the Seminoles , John Louis Compo, Domenic Chiaverelli, who co-wrote some of his songs and wrote for the Seminoles, and an other local guys formed a singing group named The Domineers. Tommy Frontera & The Domineers cut "After Tonite" & "How To Love Him" released by REM records in 1963. It is likely that some members of the Domineers backed Tommy on some of these other singles...


    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Tommy Frontera bb The Domineers (uncredited)

       After Tonite                                How To Love Him

    Tommy Frontera

       Shy Boy                                       Dry Your Eyes

    (You’re My) Leading Lady                         I Heard Every Word   

    Merry Go Round                                 To Be With You 


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