• The Thrashers

    The Thrashers (Brooklyn)

    Personnel :

    Bernie Fulton (Tenor)

    Wilbert "Pop" Corbin (Bass)

    Ray Corbin (Tenor)

    Edward "Rip" Corbin (First Tenor)

    Leroy Corbin (Baritone)

    Gilbert Fauntleroy (Baritone)

    Discography :

    1958 - Forever My Love / Jeannie (Mason's0-1/0-2/Candlelite 421)

    Biography :

    Ray Corbin was  part of  group  that sang gospel. This was a "family affair," consisting of Wilbert "Pop" Corbin (bass), his son Ray Corbin (tenor), another son Edward "Rip" Corbin (first tenor), his brother Leroy Corbin (baritone), and cousin Gilbert Fauntleroy (baritone). Since Bernie Fulton and Ray Corbin had become such good friends, in 1957 17-year old Bernie was assimilated into the group. However, at that point, they turned to Rock 'N' Roll (although, without Bernie, they continued to sing gospel). For their secular adventures, someone chose the name "Thrashers."

    Early James Rock 'N' Roll Band

    They met a comedian/singer named "Mistreated Eaddy" , who introduced them to a record company owner, an older black man named either Mason .  Mason listened to the Thrashers sing two songs that Bernie had written ("Jeannie" and "Forever My Love") and decided to record them. The recordings may have been made in 1957. Shortly after the group disbanded. In 1961, Bernie became the vocalist for the Early James Rock 'N' Roll Band, a position he held for most of the rest of the decade.

    Songs :

    Jeannie                                            Forever My Love




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