• The Tempos (2) aka Those Four Eldorados

    The Tempos (2) aka Those Four Eldorados
    (Paste up picture)  top : Louis Bradley, James Maddox & Jewel Jones - Bottom : Marvin Smith

    The Tempos (2) (Chicago)
    aka Those Four El Dorados



    Personnel :

    Marvin Smith (Lead)

    Louis Bradley (Second Tenor)

    Jewel Jones (First Tenor)

    James Maddox (Baritone)


    Discography :

    Those Four Eldorados
    1958 - A Lonely Boy / Go Little Susie (Academy 8138)

    The Tempos
    Single :
    1958 - Promise Me / Never Let Me Go (Rhythm 121)
    Unreleased :
    1958 -  Patricia ( (Rhythm)
    1958 - To Love Again ( (Rhythm)

    Biography :

    When Nickens left the El Dorados they soldiered on as a quartet. A few additional singles performed well in certain U.S. cities, but didn't measure up to their prior hit status. Their next single, "Tears on My Pillow" (a different song from Little Anthony and the Imperials' hit record), was the last by all of the original El Dorados; soon after its release, the group and Pirkle Moses Jr. separated over a disagreement on new management. Moses Jr. soon joined another Vee Jay act, the Kool Gents, who had been left without a singer when their frontman, Dee Clark, departed for a solo career. John McCall (tenor), Douglas Brown (second tenor), Teddy Long (second tenor and baritone), and Johnny Carter (bass) of the Kool Gents joined with Moses Jr., to become the New El Dorados.

    The Tempos (2) aka Those Four Eldorados   
    Jewel Jones, Louis Bradley, James Maddox    

    During this same time, the remaining El Dorados -- Jones, Bradley, and Maddox -- joined up with new lead singer Marvin Smith. Smith had moved with his family to the west side of Chicago in the late '40s, where he attended Crane High and sang on street corners and in church choirs, before joining the group as their new lead vocalist. To avoid legal problems with Vee Jay, the group's name was changed to Those Four El Dorados for 1958's "A Lonely Boy," Academy Records of Chicago. Jewel Jones' name on the label was spelled J-u-e-l-l (each member's name was listed). Those Four El Dorados' later traveled to the West Coast, and connected with a former NBA basketball star Don Barksdale, who had formed his Rhythm Record Company in Oakland, CA. The group changed monikers again, this time calling themselves the Tempos, but the group faltered again, and returned to Chicago, splitting up in 1961.

    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim)


    The Tempos

         Promise Me                                  Never Let Me Go

    To Love Again                                        Patricia

    Those Four Eldorados

    A Lonely Boy                                    Go Little Susie



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