• The Storytellers (2) aka The Story Tellers (2)

    Steve Barri & Carol Connors 

    The Storytellers (2) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Story Tellers (2)
    ref The Nortones

    Personnel :

    Steve Barri (Steven Barry Lipkin)

    Carol Connors (Annette Kleinbard)

    Cheryl Connors (Cheryl Kleinbard)

    Discography :

    The Story Tellers (2)
    1962 - When Two People (Are In Love) / Time Will Tell (Dimension 1014)

    The Storytellers (2)
    1962 - When Two People (Are In Love) / Time Will Tell (Ramarca 501)
    1961 - I Don't Want An Angel / Down In The Valley (Capitol 5042)


    Biography :

    Steve Barri was born Steven Barry Lipkin in Brooklyn, New York, on February 23, 1942. His family moved to California when he was just a child. He began his career as a songwriter. He submitted his songs to Screen Gems Music which was run by Lou Adler. Adler liked Barri's songs, and helped him get his first recording of a Barri original. Steve Barri teamed with Bernie Reed. Warner wrote "The Nortones, Bernie Reed and Steve Barry, The two 18-years-olds who comprise the group, play their own guitar accompaniment as well as write their own material". In May Their manager, Norty Beckman sends them to the studio were they record four songs. The same month, Warner released "Suzie Jones" / "That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles" as the Nortones.

    Carol Connors                                                                                Steve Barri

    The single wasn't a hit but it was a way into the business for the newly minted music professional, and over the next few years Barri tried several other avenues of expression, including cutting a few records as a singer, all to no avail. In the early '60s he teamed up with Carol Connors. Carol Connors born Annette Kleinbard, 13 November 1940, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. Based in Los Angeles, California, USA, Connors began her singing career under her birth name as a member of the Teddy Bears, a late 50s vocal group that also featured Phil Spector in its line-up. She then recorded singles for Imperial Records and Dunes Records as Annette Bard and Carol Collins respectively. Her first single under her own name, released in 1961, coupled ‘You Are My Answer’ with ‘My Diary’.

    Carol Connors                                                                                             

    Steve Barri and Carol Connors formed a trio, the Storytellers, with Connors' sister Cheryl, and their debut single on Dimension, "When Two People (Are in Love)," brought Barri back into the orbit of Lou Adler, who produced the record. This successful entrepreneur then paired Barri with protege (Phil) P.F. Sloan and together the new team began creating material for many of Adler's acts. Jan And Dean, Johnny Rivers and Terry Black were among those benefiting from Sloan/Barri songs, while the duo also recorded in their own right under various pseudonyms, notably the surfing act the Fantastic Baggys.

    Discography :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    When Two People (Are In Love)                       Time Will Tell               

    I Don't Want An Angel                                I Want Your Love    

    The Story Of The Ring


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    antonio adel
    Monday 4th January 2016 at 17:40

    il'y a un black group...??????

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