• The Squires (8) aka The Stagehands aka The Empires (4)


    The Squires (8) (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Stagehands aka   The Empires (4)


    Personnel :

    Gary Kessler

    Phil Horowitz

    Eddie Robbins

    Richie Kaufman


    Discography :

    The Empires (4)
    1962 - Time And A Place / Punch Your Nose  (Epic 9527)

    The StageHands
    1964 - Hello Dolly / You Started It (T.A. 101)

    The Squires (8)
    1964 - Joyce / Can't Believe That You've Grown Up (Congress 223)


    Biography :

    David (Jay) Black and Marty Sanders were next door neighbors who started to sing together in High School. A friend of theirs took them to Nat Garrick who decided to manage them and took them to Ivy Records as The Two Chaps. Atlantic Records heard the master of "Forgive Me" on Ivy and purchased it.

    The Two Chaps David Black & Marty Sanders                                                                           

    The record didn't do much and that was the brief career of The Two Chaps. Subsequently, Marty formed another group called The Interludes who later changed their name to The Empires when they started recording for Epic. The group consisted of Marty, Eddie Robbins, Leo Rose (lead) , Phil Horowitz and Gary Kessler.


     Right after their demo session, Leo dropped out of the group and Marty called in Jay Black. The Empires cut one record entitled "Time And A Place" b/w "Punch Your Nose". Jay and Marty wrote "Time And A Place" and Jay sang lead. "Punch Your Nose" was written by Marty and he sang lead. This too, was a short lived group.

    Jay & The Americans

    After this release, Jay and Marty left to join the already successful Jay & The Americans. The Other Members with Richie Kaufman continued as the Stagehands for T.A. and as the Squires for Congress Records.

    Songs :


    The Empires (4)

    Time And A place                          Punch Your Nose

    The StageHands

    Hello Dolly                                   You Started It

    The Squires (8)

    Joyce                                  Can't Believe That You've Grown Up






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