• The School Belles

    The School Belles (New Jersey)

    Personnel :

    Diana Moore

    Leta Moore

    Discography :

    1958 - Waiting for My Date / Billy Boy, Billy Boy (Dot 15746)
    1958 - Turtle Dovin' / Cool it baby (Dot 15801)
    1959 - Swing Swang / Count Down (Hanover 4526/)
    1961 - Whistling Bells / Whistling at the Boys (Buena Vista 378)
    1962 - Don't Believe him / Valley High (Crest 1104)

    Biography :

    Dot Records new fern vocal team, the School Belles, whose first disk was released this week, are the daughters of songwriter Marvin Moore, co-cleffer (with Bob davie) of Green Door."

    The girls — Diana, 16, and Leta, 13 — originally hail from Dallas, but now reside in New Jersey, where the latter attends Benjamin Franklin Jr. High School and the former, Ridgewood, NJ, High School.

    Their first platter spotlights "Waiting for My Date" and "Billy Boy, Billy Boy."
    Both Tunes were written by their father and Davie.
    Billboard - 14 avr. 1958

    Song :

    Don't Believe Him



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