• The Sabers (1) aka The Chavelles

    The Sabers (1) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Chavelles

    Personnel :

    Sheridan "Rip" Spencer (Second Tenor)

    Brice Coefield (Baritone)

    Billy "Storm" Spicer (First Tenor/Bass)

    Herbie (First Tenor)

    Walter Carter (Bass)

    Discography :

    1955 - Always Forever / Cool Cool Christmas (Cal-West 847)

    Biography :

    The labyrinthine history of Los Angeles doo wop group The Valiants dates to early 1955. The start of this whole mélange goes back to Sheridan "Rip" Spencer, who attended Los Angeles' Jordan High School, and his cousin Brice Coefield, who attended L.A. High. The cousins sang together and, as usually happens, they decided to "form a group".

    Sheridan "Rip" Spencer                                                                                

    The group they formed was called the Sabers, and consisted of a first tenor remembered only as "Herbie", second tenor Rip, baritone Brice, and bass Walter Carter. They auditioned for Hite Morgan, owner (with Jack Arbuckle) of Cal-West Records, and one day in the Fall of 1955, went to Morgan's studio in the Silver Lake district (near Hollywood), to record a single side, "Always, Forever,".

    Billy "Storm" Spicer

    Strangely, they didn't have a second side to record. Even more strangely, they went home and added a new member! First tenor (and bass) Billy Spicer (Billy Storm) was a schoolmate of Brice's, and was in L.A. High's choir. Brice was impressed with Billy's high voice and recruited him for the group.

    Brice Coefield, Sheridan "Rip" Spencer, Billy Storm

    Then it was back to Hite Morgan to record a flip for "Always, Forever," a Christmas ditty entitled "Cool, Cool Christmas," with Brice on lead. The record was released in late 1955, but failed to set the world on fire. The Sabers then faded into history by the simple expedient of changing their name. One day the "Sabers" became the "Chavelles."

    Songs :

    Always Forever / Cool Cool Christmas

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