• The Ribbons aka The Sequins (6) aka The Sandpapers (Los Angeles)

    The Ribbons aka
    The Sequins (6) aka The Sandpapers
    (Los Angeles)

    Personnel :

    Evelyn Doty

    Arthetta Gibson

    Lovie ?

    Vessie Simmons

    Discography :

    The Ribbons

    1962 - Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya / My Baby Said (Marsh 202)
    1963 - After Last Night /  This Is Our  (Marsh 203)
    1964 - They Played A Sad Song / Melodie D'amour (Parkway 912)

    Evelyn Doty & The Ribbons
    1964 - Teach Me How To    / Dance I'd Like To Be (Gramo 107)   

    The Sequins  (6)
    1965 - I'll Be Satisfied / Who Says You Can't Jerk (A & M 761)

    The Sandpapers

    1965 - Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya" / My Baby Said (Charger 114)

    Biography :

    "Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya", a #81 hit on Billboard in early 1963 but a much bigger hit in the Los Angeles area, was composed by James Marcus Smith, aka P.J. Proby.
    The record was the object of a very hasty, and rather fine, West Coast cover version by Suzie Clark on the Rendezvous label.

    The song was also rendered for the UK market by Simone Jackson (Piccadilly), Jean Martin (Decca) and, most famously, the Searchers (Pye).
    "After Last Night", another Proby song, was first cut by the Chiffons onReprise (not the "He's So Fine" gals, the Los Angeles lot).

    Jackie DeShannon did a good version too (Liberty), as did the Rev-Lons (also Reprise).
    Both of the Ribbons' Marsh 45s were produced by former Teddy  Bear, and old Phil Spector chum, Marshall Leib.

    The Ribbons probably recorded under further pseudonyms, such as Ribbons, Sequins, Buttons, Bows(sic).


    Songs :

    Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya                My Baby Said


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