• The Rialtos (3)

    The Rialtos (3)
    Douglas Rodriguez

    The Rialtos (3) (Bronx, New York)

    Personnel :

    Douglas Rodriguez

    Hector Ruiz

    Fred Campos

    Francisco Zubillaca

    Patrick Gaul

    Discography :

    1964 - It Hurts / Let Me In (CB 5009)

    Biography :

    The Rialtos were five young lads from the Bronx composed by Douglas Rodriguez, Hector Ruiz, Fred Campos, Francisco Zubillaca & Patrick Gaul. They recorded in 1961 "It Hurts" b/w "Let Me In" at Musicmakers Studios W.57th St. in New York with King Curtis's Band and his great Sax backed up the Group on "Let Me In" .

    The Rialtos (3)   The Rialtos (3)
                                                                                                 King Curtis

    The single will not come out right away. CB Records owned by Bob Schwaid and Craig Clark released the single two years later when president Kennedy was killed. In 1961, Douglas Rodriguez and his first group, the Celebrities had already recorded at Musicmakers Studios with King Curtis's Band. In 1966 Douglas Rodriguez became a member of the The Latin Souls with Frank Ruiz,Anthony Florez, & Sammy Marrero.

    Songs :

    It Hurts                                              Let Me In

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