• The Quarter Notes (1)

    1960 - L to R : Rene Herrera, Rene Ornelas, Juan Garza Gongora and Juan Orfila

    The Quarter Notes (1) (Laredo, Texas)


    Personnel :

    Juan Garza Gongora

    Juan Orfila

    Rene Herrera

    Rene Ornelas

    Discography :

    1957 - Loneliness / Come De Night (DeLuxe 6116/king 5028)
    1957 - My Fantasy / Ten Minutes To Midnight (DeLuxe 6129)
    1957 - Like You Bug Me / Please Come Home (Dot 15685)
    1957 - Who Am I / Teen Age Blues (Fox 2)


    Biography :

    The Quarter Notes is composed  with two Renes and two Juans : Rene Ornelas, Rene Herrera , Juan Garza Gongora, Juan Orfila. This group of versatile young men began singing together when they were high school students in Laredo, Texas, their hometown. It was there, encouraged by their priest, the Rev. Father george Gloekner, rector of Blessed Sacrament Church, that they began the slow climb up the ladder-of-success.

    From top : Juan Garza Gongora, Rene Herrera, Juan Orfila and Rene Ornelas                                                                     

    In 1956, the group won the Arthur Godfrey Talent Contest and began a national tour of theaters and clubs. Their complete versatility is recognized in the way they present "Rock and Roll." "Latin numbers," and "Old Favorites" . They landed a record deal with both Deluxe, Dot & Fox Records therefore reached a broader audience in english and spanish of hopeless romantics.

    They have written many of their own numbers, quite a few of which are sure to become hits. One of their compositions won for them, the All Army Recording contest at Fort Carson, in 1958. The Quarter notes entered the Army under the "Buddy System" in 1958.

    1962 - L to R : Jack O'Toole (Manager), Juan Orfila, Rene Herrera, Tito Sanchez, Rene Ornelas and Erich Gagel .

    They took their basic training and on-the-job training at Fort Carson, Colo. The Group making a thirteen week series of tape recordings for the Armed forces Network, Europe. The Quarter Notes, Juan Garza-Gongora, Rene Herera, Johnny Orfila, and Rene Ornelas have received numerous awards and have traveled all over the world.

    In 1962, Tito Sanchez replaced Juan Garza Gongora. The group split up in 1962 but the two Renes stayed together and continued to record and perform. Rene Ornelas and Rene Herrera later became Rene & Rene with two international hits, "Angelito" (1964), "Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero" (1968).

    Songs :

    Who Am I                    Loneliness                        Come De Night

    My Fantasy               Ten Minutes To Midnight              Like You Bug Me

    Please Come Home               Teen Age Blues






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