• The Poets (3) aka The Echoes (2)

    The Poets (first group) . L to R: Miles Grayson, Elmo Jones, Edward DeVold & Earl Williams

    The Poets (3) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Echoes (2)


    Personnel :

    Elmo Jones (First tenor)

    Miles Grayson (Second tenor)

    Edward DeVold (Baritone)

    Earl Willams (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Echoes (2)
    1956 - My little Honey / Aye Senorita (Combo 128)
    1957 - Over The Rainbow / Someone (Speciality 601)
    Unreleased :
    1987 - Have a Heart (Combo)
    1988 - Take my Hand (Combo)

    Clydie King bb The Echoes (2)
    1957 - Our Romance / Written on the Wall (Speciality 605)

    Sonny Robert & The Echoes (2)
    1958 - I'll never let you go / Honey Chile (Impala 1001)

    The Poets (3)
    1960 – Never Let You Go / I’m Falling in Love (Shade 1001)
    1960 - I'm in love / Honey Chile (Imperial 5664/Spot 107)


    Biography :

    The Echoes were an American doo-wop group from Los Angeles, California, one of the few black mixed-gender vocal ensembles of rhythm and blues, which were recorded on major record labels publications. Not to be confused with the white doo-wop group The Echoes (Baby Blue, Boomerang, candy, etc.). When Miles Grayson graduated to south Central's Fremont High he played in a few bebop groups. He got himself involved in three doo-wopping groups over the course of approximately two-and-a-half years. All three existed at the same time. two, the Echoes and the Poets, were basically the same group with a slight change in membership.

    Original Echoes (1956) Top: Edward DeVold & Mosby Carter. Bottom: Miles Grayson & Elmo Jones

    The school's own group, the continentals, all decked out in the school colors. definitely had a fluid membership. The continentals vocal group during Miles' tenure was made up of Edward DeVold, baritone; Earl Williams, tenor; Miles Grayson, second Baritone; Everett Wiliams, Lead Tenor and Bobby 'Lorenzo' Adams, second lead tenor. 1956 founded the graduates of Fremont High School in South Central Los Angeles Mosby Carter, Elmo Jones Jr., Harold and Edward Grayson Devold the band, The Echoes. With Marzetta Freeman before the discovery by the manager Mabel Weathers first ladies voice was integrated.


    The Echoes .Top L to R: Elmo Jones , Darlene Love, Edward DeVold  Bottom L to R: Marzetta Freeman & Miles Grayson 

    Weathers was on the quintet became aware of their participation in the talent show "Rocket to Stardom". With "My Little Honey" a first uptempo Doowop rockers for Combo Records was recorded that with "Aye senorita" has a little less furious back. Marzetta Freeman was allowed on the ballad "Take My Hand" sing the leading voice, the song but was held back and first published in 1991 on a compilation of Relics Records. The manager Weathers put the tape also for the background vocals on a single Sonny Roberts a ', which appeared on her own label Impala Records.

    The Continentals (56/57) - L to R : Bobby "Lorenzo" Adams, Edward DeVold, Earl William, Miles Grayson, Everett Williams 

    Mosby Carter was drafted into the army and replaced by a second female voice. Thus, in the spring of 1957 sang Darlene (Darlene Love) Franklin the lead vocal, as for Specialty Records in addition to the classic Over the Rainbow Someone recorded the title was. Even with this important Californian independent label, the band was allowed to make studio work: On Kings Clydie "Our Romance" with "Written on the wall" next to Kings is the teenage voice that time unusual harmonies of three men and two women's voices heard.

    The Poets (second group) .Top L to R: DeVold, Ron Mosely, Elmo Jones Bottom L to R: Miles Grayson & Earl Peterson

    Since Edward Devold and Elmo Jones began their military service, the group broke up. Darlene Wright found the Blossoms with a new band, some of the original band Echoes were formed in 1960 as "The Poets" new and played the title Never Let You Go again, and coupled it with I'm Falling in Love for John Criners Shade Records label. Another new recording, this time Sonny Roberts "Honey Chile", was released along with "I'm in Love" on the sister label Spot Records


    Songs :

    The Echoes (2)

    My little Honey                        Aye Senorita                   Over The Rainbow

    Someone                        Have A Heart / Take My Hand

    Clydie King bb The Echoes (2)

    Our Romance                     Written on the Wall

    Sonny Robert & The Echoes (2)

    I'll never let you go                 Honey Chile


    The Poets (3)

    I'm in love                              Honey Chile                    Never Let You Go

    I’m Falling in Love


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