• The Moonbeems

    The Moonbeems
    Billy Tircuit

    The Moonbeems (New Orleans, LA)

    Personnel :

    Simon Washington (Lead Tenor)

    Vontell Lane (Tenor)

    Johnny Meyers (Tenor)

    Elaine Edwards (Contralto)

    Billy Tircuit (Bass / Baritone)

Discography :

    The Moonbeems
    Singles :
    1958 - Cryin' The Blues / Teen Age Baby (Sapphire 1003 / Checker 912)
    1959 - Cryin’ The Blues / Mardi Gras Mambo (The Hawketts) (Sapphire 2250)

    Unreleased :
    1959 - The Way You'll Always Be (Sapphire)
    1959 - Maria (Sapphire)

    Billy Tircuit
    1958 - Face The Facts / Crazy Green Lizard (Pontchartrain 400)

    Biography :

    In 1958, a local New Orleans group was to have a release on Sapphire, it was to be their only release. They were working with Johnny Russell and a Disc Jockey on WJBW known as the "Hound Dog". The Moonbeems were a versatile group and could switch parts. the group consisted of Simon Washington (Lead Tenor), Vontell Lane (Tenor), Johnny Meyers (Tenor), Elaine Edwards (Contralto) and Billy Tircuit (Bass / Baritone). Billy Tircuit and Vontell Lane have been part of the recording   Monitors (Aladdin & Speciality Records). The group had some songs including "Cryin' The Blues", and would rehearse usually about three times a week. It took eight months of rehearsals before everyone was satisfied with the song.

    The Moonbeems  The Moonbeems
    Snookum Russell                                                                                          

    The group finally have a recording session at Cosmos studios with Snookum Russell, pianist and arranger for Sapphire records. At this session the group recorded four sides. "Cryin' The Blues", "Teen Age Baby", "The Way You'll Always Be" and "Maria". "Cryin' The Blues" was then released first on Sapphire and it broke in the New Orleans area. Paul Gaytin of Chess records liked it and it was sent to Leonard Chess. The record was then released on the Checker Label. The Moonbeems did a lot of entertaining around New Orleans, including a 2-week stint at the big Natal's nite club. Once again, however, there were disagreements in the group, and they broke up in 1959. In 1961, many of the Monitors original members  got together and renamed themselves again to the Senors. The group members were Billy Tircuit, Adolph Smith, Vontell Lane, and Clarence Phoenix. Their new lead singer was Adolph's brother, Milton Smith.

    Songs :

    The Moonbeems

     Teen Age Baby / Cryin’ The Blues

    Billy Tircuit

    Face The Facts / Crazy Green Lizard

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