• The Majestics (3)

    The Majestics (3)
    Bottom : Eddie Rogers & Steve Catallo - Top : Richard Steene, Joe DiVergilio, Tom Pascarella

    The Majestics (3) (Everett, MA) 


    Tommy Pascarella (Lead)

    Steve Catallo (Bass)

    Frank “Junior” Sanfilippo

    Tommy Guanci

    Eddie Rogers


    Discography :

    1959 - Lone Stranger / Sweet One (20th Fox 171/Sioux 914/ Foxie 7004)
    1973 - Symbol Of Love (1961) / Two Purple Shadows (1961) (Vintage 1002) 

    1959 - Rose Ann (Unreleased)


    Biography :

    The Majestics were actually formed by the fusion of two other groups – the “Cresents” from the far end of Ferry Street, near the Malden Line, and the “Tempo’s” from the area of Orange Court. When the dust settled the “Majestics” were born. Tom Pasacarella did most of the leads, and the harmony was filled out by Frank “Junior” Sanfilippo, and Tom Guanci. They, too, experienced personnel changes, other members at various times were John Falzone (from the Spindrifts), Ritchie Steen, Jackie Neider, and Joe DiVirgilio (all former Emeralds).

    The Majestics (3)
    (Original Majestics 1956) Tom Guanci, Steve Catallo,  Tom Pascarella , John Falzone & Eddie Rogers.

     They also had one commercial release “Lone Stranger/Sweet One” in 1959 (Sioux #91459), picked up (too late, however) by Twenty Century Fox (#171). This record had a good chance of “breaking out,” as it was beginning to, as they say ”Make some noise” in California, and Twentieth Fox showed some interest in distributing it.

    The Majestics (3)   The Majestics (3)
    (Original Majestics 1956)                                                                                        

    The group’s manager, and/or the original label “stalled” a bit in an effort to work a better deal, but this tactic apparently backfired. When they did finally get the rights to distribute the record, initial interest had past, and it was too late. One other 45 was released on Vintage (#1002) in the Seventies by an edition of this group. “Symbol of Love/Two Purple Shadows” was recorded in about 1961 by a group consisting of members of both the Majestics, and the Emeralds.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Lone Stranger                                         Sweet One      
    Symbol of Love                                 Two Purple Shadows

    Rose Ann


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    Kathy Horton
    Wednesday 17th April 2019 at 06:04

    Trying to locate Eddie Rogers. Can anyone help? Please! This is so important, not just to me, but to Eddie.


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