• The Hi Tensions aka The Angels (8)

    The Hi Tensions aka The Angels (8)

     The Hi Tensions (Los Angeles)
    aka The Angels (8)

    Personnel :

    Bobby Parker (Lead)

    David Cook (Tenor)

    Jonathan "Sonny" Allen (Baritone/Tenor)

    Roy Haggins (Baritone)

    Jack Johnson (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Hi Tensions
    Singles :
    1960 - The Clock / So Far Away (Audio 201)
    1963 - Got A Good Feeling / Ebbing On The Tide (Milestone 2018)
    1964 - She'll Break Your Heart / Mary Had A Little Lamb (Whirlybird 2005)
    1963 - Wedding Song (If You Say I Do) (Audio)
    1963 - Old Times (Audio)
    1963 - Traveling Lady (Audio)
    1963 - Come What May (Audio)

Leon Peels & The Hi Tensions
    1964 - A Magic Island / Darlene (Whirlybird 2008)

    The Angels (8)
    1960 - I'm Saying Goodbye / A Real Sensation (Audio 203)


    Biography :

    A young man from Santa Cruz named Chuck Daniels brought in a teenage group called the Hi Tensions to the Audio Arts Studio in 1960. Daniels had met them in dj Art Laboe's studio, and Laboe suggested that they all try their fortunes with Mrs Baker. During the next four years the Hi Tensions became a kind of studio backup vocal group at Audio Arts; Mrs Baker and her young proteges tried to find the winning formula for for the talented group. The Hi Tensions were ( and are still) led by Bobby Parker, a fine r&b singer who had been with the Chanticleers on Lyric on "Daddy Must Be" "and "To keep Your Love) in 1958-59. Bobby who admired Jerry Butler, Jesse Belvin and The Coasters, met the other Hi Tensions through Roy Haggins, who became the baritone for the group, in 1960. The rest of the group included David Cook (Tenor), Jack Johnson (Bass) and Jonathan "Sonny" Allen (Baritone/Tenor)


    The Hi Tensions aka The Angels (8)    The Hi Tensions aka The Angels (8)
                                                                                                                        Leon Peels

    The boys were from South-Central L.A. area around Jefferson High School that also Spawned Belvin, Richard Berry and Arthur Lee Maye. Their first effort for the new Audio label was "The Clock"/ "So Far Away" (Audio 201), recorded on October 20, 1960. Out of the same session came "I'm Saying Goodbye" and "A Real Sensation," buy, for some unknown reason, the Hi Tensions were called the Angels on this release (Audio 203). Roy Haggins  sang the lead on "A Real Sensation," while Bobby Parker handles "I'm Saying Goodbye". This 45 came out shortly after "The Clock" and it's probable that name change was made for just this one record to gain additional airplay.

    The Hi Tensions aka The Angels (8)
    Jackson & Madelon Baker (Audio Arts recording Studio's Owner)

    Mrs Baker continued to work with the Hi Tensions and "Wedding Song","Old Times", "Traveling Lady" and "Come What May" - all unreleased - were recorded at Audio Arts in the spring of 1961, all unreleased, but "Got A Good Feeling" backed with "Ebbing On The Tide" were tried for a later release on Milestone, but this nice ballad didn't get far. The Hi Tensions then backed up Leon Peels, the former lead of the Blue Jays, and finally recorded "She'll Break Your Heart" B/W "Mary Had A Little Lamb" for the new Whirlybird label. Although they stopped actively recording in the mid-sixties, the Hi Tensions remained close friends.


    Songs :

    The Hi Tensions

    The Clock                         Come What May   

    She'll Break Your Heart                    Wedding Song                  Mary Had A Little Lamb

    So Far Away                             Ebbing Of The Tide

    Leon Peels & The Hi Tensions

    A Magic Island / Darlene


    The Angels (8)

    I'm Saying Goodbye                         A Real Sensation



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