• The Hi-Lites (10) aka The Joytones aka The Joy-Tones

    The Hi-Lites (10) (New York)
    aka The Joytones  aka The Joy-Tones

    Personnel :

    Lucille "Vicki" Burgess (Lead)

    Lynn Middleton

    Margaret Moore

    Discography :

    1958 - Please Believe I Love You / Sweet And Lovely (Reno 1030)

    Biography :

    By 1958 Vikki Burgess, Lynn Middleton, and Margaret Moore determine that maybe a name change is in order and so The Joytones now become The Hi-Lites and have one record release for the small indie label Reno Records in 1958.


    The songs are "Sweet And Lovely" and "Please Believe I Love You" on #1030. In short order The Hi-Lites were also part of the great memory bank of the 1950s.

    Songs :

    Please Believe I Love You                Sweet And Lovely


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