• The Griffins (1) aka The Warblers

    The Griffins (1) aka The Warblers (Washington, D.C)

    Personnel :

    William Ross (Lead)

    Bill Alford (First Tenor)

    Lewis "Flip" Thompson (Second Tenor)

    Lawrence Tate (Bariton)

    Joshua Bright (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Griffins (1)

    1955 - I Swear By All The Stars Above / Sing To Me (Mercury 70558)
    1955 - Bad Little Girl / Scheming (Mercury 70650)
    1956 - Forever More / Leave It To Me (Wing 90067)
    1956 - Why Must You Go / My baby's Gone (Mercury 70913)

    The Warblers

    1973 - Is this the real thing (Baron 101)
    1973 - Scheming (Baron 101)
    1974 - She's to fall in love / lonesome again (Outhouse 102)

    Marie Knight & The Griffins (1)
    1956 - As Long As I Love / Tell Me Why (Wing 90069)  

    Biography :

    Lawrence Tate and William Ross joined the Griffins in 1953 from the RCA Heartbreakers, who had disbanded in 1953.
    The Griffins were previously known as the Warblers. The tunes shown below as by the Griffins on Mercury, Entitled "Scheming", was earlier cut by the Warblers.

    In February of 1955 Mercury Records signs The Griffins to their label. In less than a month Mercury # 70558 is released featuring the group's versions of the songs "I Swear By All The Stars Above" and "Swing To Me".

    In July "Bad Little Girl" and "Scheming" on # 70650. In March of 1956 The Griffins are moved to the Wing label from Mercury.

    Marie Knight & The Griffins (1)

    In April "Forevermore" and "Leave It To Me" are released on Wing # 90067. In August The Griffins are back on Mercury with "Why Must You Go" and "My baby's Gone" on # 70913.




    Songs :

    The Warblers

    She's Too Tall For Love          Scheming

    The Griffins (1)

    I Swear By All The Stars Above

    Marie Knight & The Griffins (1)

    As Long As I Love                   Tell Me Why



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    Friday 26th March 2010 at 02:01
    Johnny Maestro
    R.I.P Johnny! http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/music/2010/03/25/2010-03-25_johnny_maestro_crests_and_brooklyn_bridge_singer_dies_at_age_70_of_cancer.html
    doc bop
    Friday 26th March 2010 at 13:42
    johnny maestro/cancer
    cette ?[§! de crabe nous prive d'un grand du doo wop!il doit y avoir de belle jam sessions la haut!
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