• The Glens (1) aka The Starlights (1)

    The Glens (1) aka The Starlights (1)

    The Glens (1) (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Starlights (1)


    Personnel :

    William J.Panzo "Bill Perry" (Lead Singer)

    Ralph Pascarella

    Henry Scarpelli

    Anthony Cambria


    Discography :

    The Glens (1) with Bill Perry
    1957 - I Feel So Blue / Image Of Love (Ro-Nan 1002)

    Billy & The Glens (1)
    1959 - I Believe In You / Oh Boy (Jaro 7706)

    1961 - I’m Not The Guy (Rome)
    1961 - Oh Love (Rome)
    1961 - I Fell Great (Rome)
    1961 - More (Rome)
    1961 - The Seven Teens (Rome)

    Bill Perry & The Starlights (1)
    1959 - Searching For Love / Count Off Blues (Premium 101)


    Biography :

    In 1957, William J.Panzo started signing with some different guys from Brooklyn. He fronted a vocal group named "The Glens" with Ralph Pascarella, Henry Scarpelli and Anthony Cambria. The group recorded "I Feel So Blue" b/w "Image Of Love" released by Ro-Nan Records, 701 7th Avenue in New York.  Two years later, They Recorded "I Believe In You" b/w "Oh Boy" on Jaro International. Shortly after, they recorded "Searching For Love" and "Count Off Blues" released by Premium Records under the name of Bill Perry & The Starlights. Trade Martin and partner Johnny powers started their own label, "Rome" and a subsidiary "Power-Martin". Their claim to fame was the early recording of the Earls. In the 2-2 1/2 years they were together. The Glens recorded five songs, never released. They recorded many different groups. Most of their songs never surfacing.

    The Glens (1) aka The Starlights (1)    The Glens (1) aka The Starlights (1)

    Among the different guys who sang with William J. Panzo there was Tommy Morrisey. Panzo introduced Tommy to Tom Duffy. Duffy knew two other guys – Sam Capano and Willie Bender.  These five guys started practicing and getting songs together as the Laurels.  The story goes that two teachers from Brooklyn wrote a song called “Baby Blue.” After Capuno and Bender left the group, the remaining three stuck together as The Echoes and they recorded “Baby Blue.”

    Songs :

    The Glens (1)

    I Believe In You                                     Oh Boy      

    I Feel So Blue  /  Image Of Love                       I’m Not The Guy            

                              The Seven Teens                                I Fell Great                          

    Oh Love                                               More

    Bill Perry & The Starlights (1)

    Searching For Love                            Count Off Blues


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