• The Four-Evers (1)


    The Four-Evers (1) (Brooklyn, New-York)


    Personnel :

    Steve Tudanger

    John Cipriani

    Nick Zagami

    Joe DiBenedetto


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1962 - You Belong To Me / Such A Good Night For Dreaming (Columbia 42303/Jason Scott 4)
    1963 - It's Love / Lover, Come Back To Me (Smash 1853)
    1964 - Please Be Mine / If I Were A Magician (Smash 1887)
    1964 - Be My Girl / If I Were A Magician (Smash 1887)
    1964 - Doo Bee Dum, (Say I Love You) / Everlasting (Smash 1921)
    1965 - Out Of The Crowd / Stormy (Constellation 151)
    1966 - You Never Had It So Good / What A Scene (Red Bird 10078)
    1966 - The Girl I Want To Bring Home / A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening (Columbia 43886)
    1978 - Dreamland / I'm Gonna Tell Your Mother (Crystall Ball 121)

    Unreleased :
    N/A - You're so fine (Crystall Ball)
    N/A - Lover
    N/A - White Christmas
    N/A - Dancing on the Celling
    N/A - Let It Be


    Biography :

    Early in 1957 three junior high school students from Brooklyn - Marty Jolton, John Cipriani and Steve Tudanger - formed Marty & the Joltineers. Soon they met Larry and Sal Ruggiero, and the Corsairs were founded.

    Marty & the Joltineers

    When Larry dropped out, the group changed its name to The Vocal Lords and recorded "At Seventeen", released first on the tiny Abel logo, and then on Taurus. The disc earned the group some local fame and a spot on Clay Cole's TV show. While at Taurus, they also did back-ups on releases by Donnie & the Delchords and the Fireflies, whose song "Good Friends" Steve also wrote. Meanwhile, in another neighbourhood, Joe DiBenedetto, Jimmy Gallagher, Tommy Saltzo and Nick Zagami formed the Paladians.

    The Vocal Lords

    After releasing "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain" the outfit disbanded, with Jimmy joining the Passions, while Nick and Joe teamed up with John and Steve of the Vocal Lords. This new quartet renamed themselves the Four-Evers.

    They landed a recording contract at Columbia Records in 1961 and a management deal with Al Kasha, who produced their single, "You Belong To Me". While at Columbia the Four-Evers also sang background on 45s by Bob Halley, Gene Montgomery and Billy Casher, alias Al Kasha himself.

    In 1963 Kasha introduced the group to Bob Crewe, who took the guys under his wing and secured them a new deal with Smash Records. Crewe linked the group with songwriter Bob Gaudio of the Four Seasons, who produced their Smash debut, "Lover Come Back To Me".

    With Dj Hal jackson

    1964 proved to be the Four-Evers' year, with "Be My Girl" and "(Say I Love You) Doo Bee Dum" both reaching the national charts. Meanwhile the group continued working as studio singers, backing up Tracey Dey ("Teenage Cleopatra"), Bob's brother Tom Crewe ("Mighty Fine Girl"), Vinnie Monte ("Hey, Look At The Winter Snow"), Cathy Carroll ("I Don't Want To Give You Up"), Eddie Rambeau ("Concrete And Clay") and many others.


    Steve also had compositions recorded by the Dynamics and the Candy Girls, a group he managed. After further singles on Constellation, Red Bird and Columbia, the Four-Evers disbanded.





    Songs :

    Stormy                      The Girl I Wanna Bring Home              Dreamland

    Lover, Come Back To Me     You Belong To Me      Such A Good Night For Dreaming

    It's love                    Be My Girl (Please, Be Mine)            If I Were A Magician

    Doo Bee Dum                      Everlasting                         Out Of The Crowd



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