• The Duvals (4)

    The Duvals (4) (Bronx, New York)


    Personnel :

    Phil Johnson (Lead)

    Biography :

    The Duvals (4)
    1956 - Yes I Do / I Wanna Be Free (Club 1013)

    Phil Johnson & The Duvals (4)
    1957 - Yes I Do / I Wanna Be Free (LaSalle 502)
    1958 - I Lie To My Heart / Money In The Bank (Floyd Williams And Orch.) (Kelit 7033)
    1958 - Kisses Left Unkissed / Three Speed Girl (Royal Notes) (Kelit 7032)
    1958 - Wee Small Hours / You Are My Love (Royal Notes) (Kelit 7034)

    Jay Saunders & The Duvals (4)
    1956 - I'm Still In Love With you / Heaven Have Mercy (Club 1012)

    Biography :

    The Duvals were from the Bronx, New York. They made three records on Kelit and one on Club (which was reissued on LaSalle). In 1961 Phil Johnson (Lead) replaced J.R. Bailey in the Halos.  The "Jay Saunders & the Duvals" record was originally Club 1012 11/56. It was issued as Jay Saunders only.

    Jay Saunders is  a white teenage singer. There's a group on both sides, but they're never identified. They could be the Duvals.

    Thanks to Marv Goldberg .

    Songs :

    Phil Johnson & The Duvals (4)

    I Lie To My Heart                        Yes I Do                        Wee Small Hours

    I Wanna Be Free                 Kisses Left Unkissed

    Jay Saunders &  The Duvals (4)

    Heaven Have Mercy              I'm Still In Love With You



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